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Spanky looks impatient. We know why. School books are one thing; you take what they give you. Buying a book to read for fun is something else. Should I save a few bucks and buy a paperback, or should I spring for a hardback that will last a long time?

We're busy making our books available in hardback, paperback, e-book, and audio book editions so you have a choice. Our hardback books are stacking up exclusively through CoverOut. Click the logo below and see what our gang has come up with. There will be more.


Coming to you just in time for Christmas, think of our new Book Club as a Frequent Buyer Discount Program. For a modest $25 annual fee, you receive 25% off all BearManor booksand 10% off all titles.

*Non-transferable to anyone else or to anyone else's paypal account except the buyer. Not valid with other offers or specials. Not valid to BM authors or wholesalers. A few exceptions apply, such as non-BearManor Media books, Bulldog Drummond, and Dragnet titles. 


Who did Jimmy Durante always say good night to? (His nose?)

Name the comedian that played Fat Albert. (Albert Brooks?)

Why did Carol Burnett always touch her ear lobe at the end of her TV show? (To keep Harvey Korman from stealing her earring?)

I was wrong on all three! You may do better. You loved their comedy, so let's see how well you know the comics who made you laugh out loud for decades!

Mel Simons knows his trivia. The Comedians Trivia Book allows you to test your knowledge of men and women of comedy, and have fun and laugh along with your trivial pursuit.

Featured entertainers include Alan King, Art Carney, W. C. Fields, Red Buttons, Bob Hope, Carol Burnett, Don Rickles, Don Adams, Carl Reiner, Rodney Dangerfield, Shelley Berman, Dick Van Dyke, George Kirby, Phil Silvers, Bob Newhart, Morey Amsterdam, Flip Wilson, Jonathan Winters, Foster Brooks, Rose Marie, Lucille Ball, Sid Caesar, George Gobel, Bill Cosby, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Lewis, Bob & Ray, Abbott and Costello, Milton Berle, and many more.

As you work on the fun and varied quizzes, you will be transported back to wonderful memories of the great radio, TV, movie, and stand-up comics.

Mel Simons is an accomplished entertainer, musician, lecturer, author, and radio personality, as well as the quintessential trivia historian. He is the author of eleven books, including The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book, The Old-Time Television Trivia Book, Old-Time Radio Memories, The Show-Biz Trivia Book, Old-Time Television Memories, The Movie Trivia Book, Voices from the Philco, The Good Music Trivia Book, and The Mel Simons Joke Book: If It’s Laughter You’re After.

136 pages. Illustrated. Foreword by Fred Diodati, lead singer of The Four Aces.


Speaking of trivia quizzes, can you name the cowboy stars in this photo that was just taken a few days ago on Sunday, September 14, 2014 at the Spirit of the Cowboy Festival in McKinney, Texas? (See the answer below.)

The Spirit of the Cowboy festival drew record crowds to Chestnut Square In McKinney, Texas for a weekend of music, dancing, trail rides, and R. J. Vandygriff in his one-man play, The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet.

PHOTO ANSWER: (upper row) Dan Haggerty, BearManor Media author Michael Druxmanme, Clu Guhlager, and James Stacey; (middle row) Marshal Teague, Robert Fuller, Darby Hinton, Ken Farmer, and Bo Hopkins; (front) Alex Cord.

Enjoy these two books by Michael Druxman, on sale right now two for $30 (plus shipping), a heck of a deal. (Remember that Christmas is coming, so save now, enjoy later!)


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Ben's birthday was Saturday, September 20, but it's a week-long celebration, so join us in congratulating him on the incredible number of biographies and autobiographies he has published on themes related to Old Time Radio, films, and television. Those titles will live on unto the fourth generation and beyond.

Ben launched 
BearManor Media in 2001 because of his own frustration with the publishing industry. (Many of us can sympathize with that!)

He said, “I started this publishing company in 2001, as a writer. I learned how hard it was to tap into the mainstream market with what is essentially nostalgia fodder. So I published The Great Gildersleeve myself. Then I learned something important. I seemed to enjoy the publishing side more than the writing side, so, when I began to get offers to publish other people's work (Jane Kean was one of the first), I began doing what I love full time. It still doesn't seem like work. And I know now that that's the greatest life of all. From there, it just took off. I realized that I enjoy the publishing side more than the writing, so I encouraged others to write more about radio, voice actors and those wonderful supporting players that never really got their due. I mean, I'd rather see a first book on the Ritz Brothers than the 50th book on James Dean.”

We also celebrate his prolific accomplishments as an author. You want to make his birthday memorable? Click on any title for more information, but buy it. There's no greater show of affection for an author . . . and I guarantee you will enjoy the book or play!

More to come. He's  young! :)

  Gertie the Dinosaur (1914)
Not many people we know are as lucky as Ben Ohmart to share a birthday week withGertie, the Dinosaur. To many authors, Ben Ohmart is the Parasaurolophusa of publishers (and we mean that as a compliment. They were big, and so is he!) Gertie, the Dinosaur was the brontosaurus mammoth of the movies. Released in September 1914, a hundred years ago, the film began the first chapter in animated movie history.

In the film, cartoonist Winsor Z. McCay bets another cartoonist that he can animate a dinosaur. He draws "Gertie," who shows off for us, and then he actually enters his own animated drawing. Gertie walks through the picture, eats a tree, meets her creator, and takes him carefully on her back for a ride. She laughs, cries, dances the tango, answers questions, and obeys every command. 

Celebrate the centennial of Gertie the Dinosaur by seeing the charming movie projected in 35mm on a giant screen with a packed audience and an orchestra score. If you can't do that, at least watch the YouTube version for free anytime. Simply click on the movie screen below.

You'll also love these classic cartoon and animation books. Click on any image for more information:


Coming soon

Lee Gambin's

We Can Be Who We Are

Admit it. You bought a leisure suit after watching John Travolta wear one in Saturday Night Fever. You may even still encourage younger people to go to a midnight show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  You also love telling your friends that your newest book acquisition is a First Edition because it sounds special. We understand that, which is why we're letting you know now that we're taking pre-orders for the First Edition of this new book in which Lee Gambin orchestrates a toe-tapping look into 1970s movie musicals from the quirky sophistication of On A Clear Day You Can See Forever to the dark unnerving genius of Cabaret. He interviews the men and women behind the making of Phantom of the Paradise, Grease, The Wiz, Rock’n’Roll High School, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, All That Jazz, Godspell, Hair, The Rose, Saturday Night Fever, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Pete’s Dragon, Tommy, Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park, and many more. Production stories and candid insights into how these films were made plus many illustrations create the ultimate musical memories book. 

Coming soon

Bill Cassara's

Ted Healy Nobody's Fool

Which third stooge do you like best: Curly, Shemp, or Joe? We all have our favorites, and all of them are indebted to Ted Healy to some extent for their beginning as a trio act.

Moe Howard first met Ted Healy when they were working in a Vaudeville swimming act. Years, later, they teamed up. Later still, The Three Stooges evolved from that first pairing. They owe a lot to Ted Healy. Bill Cassara presents the missing back-story of the dawn of The Three Stooges in this groundbreaking full-length biography of Ted Healy. Millions of comedy movie fans still enjoy watching The Three Stooges, but few know the Ted Healy story or the mysterious circumstances and scandal that surrounded his untimely death just days after the birth of his son has long been surrounded in mystery and scandal. Was his death by natural causes or did foul play involving an alleged MGM/Wallace Beery murder cover up the truth? Discover the riveting, tragic, and at times hilarious truth about  the unjustly forgotten, innovative funnyman.    


Coming soon

Scott O'Brien's

George Brent: Ireland's Gift to Hollywood and Its Leading Ladies

The suave and gallant George Brent was one of Hollywood's most durable and dependable leading men. Thanks to Scott O'Brien and his and richly researched biography of Brent, we can finally understand Brent's intriguing back life story. Today, he may be best known for appearing with Greta Garbo in The Painted Veil and with Bette Davis in Dark Victory. O'Brien offers a fascinating look into the career and personal life of Hollywood’s elusive lone wolf. Get the First Edition now. Available for pre-orders. 

Just published

Paul Kane's

Shadow Writer The Non-Fiction

Shadow Writer – The Non-Fiction Vol. 2: Articles & Essays by best-selling and award-winning author and editor Paul Kane. 
The book covers topics ranging from the work of Clive Barker,Planet of the Apes, Jack the Ripper, Child’s Play, Masters of Horror, Genetics in Science Fiction movies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lord of the Rings, Robots in Cinema, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and the legacy of H.G. Wells.
About Paul Kane: He is the author of the Arrowhead trilogy. You've also read his articles in SFX, Rue Morgue, GoreZone, Eclipse, Area 51, DeathRay, and Fangoria, to name but a few. He wrote the bestselling, critically-acclaimed and British Fantasy Award-nominated The Hellraiser Films and their Legacy.

Get the First Edition now.  

Alias Smith and Jones: The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men 

by Sandra K. Sagala and JoAnne M. Bagwell
Alias Smith and Jones is an American Western television series that originally aired on ABC from January 1971 to January 1973. It starred Pete Duel and Ben Murphy as outlaw cousins who are trying to reform. The series evolved from a made-for-TV movie of the previous year called The Young Country, about con artists in the Old West. It was produced, written, and directed by Roy Huggins and starred Roger Davis and Sally Field, but the series origins can be tracked back toButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)  starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford and a comment in the film when, prior to one of their final hold-ups, the characters are outside a bank in Bolivia and Sundance turns to Butch and says: "I'm Smith and you're Jones.”

The television series that premiered in January 1971 had a short run of only three seasons. Guest stars included Judy Carne, Tom Ewell, Lee Majors, and Sally Field. The series’ popularity is in inverse proportion to its time on the air; the fifty episodes were enough to garner fans that have remained loyal to the show for thirty years. Alias Smith and Jones: The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men showcases the episodes and provides a behind-the-scenes look at one of the last of television’s popular Westerns and includes many rare photos, interviews with cast members, detailed history of the shows.Classic Images called it “The Best TV book of the year.”


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Looking for rare classic cinema including silents and early talkies?
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They have rare silent pictures and early sound films that are offered nowhere else, a bit of everything available, including dramas, comedies, Westerns, serials, and a wide assortment of early foreign films. Plus they're adding more titles all the time! You love classic cinema. Pay them a visit and sign up for their Newsletter to get special introductory prices on all new releases and to stay informed of all special offers and sales events.

Check out their latest releases, including four silents films on DVD:

The Leopard Woman (1920), where femme fatale Louise Glaum is out to stop House Peters from completing an African expedition.

The Third Alarm (1922), a beautifully tinted drama that stars Ralph Lewis and Johnnie Walker. Directed by Emory Johnson.

The Garden of Eden (1928), with the lovely Corinne Griffith alongside Charles Ray in a romantic drama.

Behind the Front (1926), a World War One-themed comedy directed by A. Edward Sutherland, with Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton, a hilarious romp that was so successful that it prompted two sequels.

Check out these and other titles, including plenty of early sound films, released on their Prior Release page here:

Got a question or a comment, or looking for a certain film? Feel free to send them an e-mail:
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A Fuller Life: Hollywood, Ed Wood, and Me
By Dolores Fuller

For people familiar with Dolores Fuller only through her work and professional association with notorious 1950s film director Edward D. Wood, Jr., her autobiography provides a surprising revelation: throughout her career, she proved her talent and versatility in numerous facets of the entertainment industry. From fashion model, dancer, and actress to renowned songwriter and talent manager, Dolores has done it all.

She writes honestly and with candor about her many triumphs, professional disappointments, and personal tragedies she endured, such as her virtual partnership with Ed Wood during the making of his early films,to her painful discovery of Wood's transvestism and their eventual break-up.

Discover the fascinating story of how Dolores also wrote songs for Elvis Presley and discovered and nurtured other talents, such as Johnny Rivers. Learn about the heart-breaking experience she shared with Tanya Tucker. Finally, Dolores reveals her true feelings towards Sarah Jessica Parker's unflattering performance of her in Tim Burton's film, Ed Wood.

Filled with fascinating and humorous anecdotes about the many famous people she has known throughout her long career, her autobiography is highly informative and entertaining. 


Actor Denny Miller, whose big and small-screen roles ranged from television’sWagon Train to playing the role of Tarzan on the big screen, passed away at the age of 80 in his Las Vegas home. Miller was diagnosed in January 2014 with the neurodegenerative disease ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Born April 25, 1934, in Bloomington, Ind., Miller began playing basketball in his boyhood and wound up at UCLA playing for legendary coach John Wooden. Working as a mover during summer vacation, the muscular Miller caught the eye of a talent agent and wound up playing Tarzan, billed as “MGM’s sensational new young star!” Miller only played Tarzan once. He also appeared in two episodes ofGilligan’s Island: one as surfer Duke Williams, who washed ashore after a tsunami, and another as Tongo, an ape man who is captured and put in a cage. He appeared over three seasons as Duke Shannon in more than a hundred episodes of Wagon Train, which aired on NBC and ABC from 1957 to 1965. He then segued to playing an Air Force sergeant who is married to a Las Vegas chorus girl (Juliet Prowse) in the short-lived NBC sitcom Mona McCluskey. Miller also worked in such films as Making It (1971), Buck and the Preacher (1972) and The Norseman (1978).

NEW YORK (AP) - Emmy-winning actress and singer Polly Bergen, who in a long career played the terrorized wife in the original Cape Fear and the first woman president in Kisses for My President, died Saturday, [September 20, 2014] according to her publicist. She was 84. Bergen died at her home in Southbury, Connecticut, from natural causes, said publicist Judy Katz, surrounded by family and close friends.
A brunette beauty with a warm, sultry singing voice, Bergen was a household name from her 20s onward. She made albums and played leading roles in films, stage musicals and TV dramas. She also hosted her own variety series, was a popular game show panelist, and founded a thriving beauty products company that bore her name.
In recent years, she played Felicity Huffman's mother on Desperate Housewives and the past mistress of Tony Soprano's late father on The Sopranos.
Bergen won an Emmy in 1958 portraying the tragic singer Helen Morgan on the famed anthology series Playhouse 90. She was nominated for another Emmy in 1989 for best supporting actress in a miniseries or special for War and Remembrance.
As the president of the Polly Bergen Co., founded in 1966, she arrived at her office at 9 a.m. and worked a full day. "It was very difficult at the beginning," she said in 2001, "because everybody considered me just another bubble-headed actress." She sold the company in 1973 to Faberge, staying on for a couple of years afterward to run it as a Faberge subsidiary.
When she was refused an audition for the 2001 Broadway revival of Follies, she contacted composer Stephen Sondheim. He auditioned her and gave her the role of a faded star who sings of her ups and downs in show business. The show-stopping song, "I'm Still Here," was reminiscent of Bergen's own saga. She was nominated for a Tony award for her role. (Biographical material in this story was written by The Associated Press' late Hollywood correspondent Bob Thomas.)

Join us for staged readings from Stanley Dyrector's acclaimed collection of interviews with blacklisted writers, directors, and actors. With special guests Arnold Weiss, Anita Borcia, Roberta Bassin and a distinguished panel featuring Writer's Guild West President Emeritus Chris Knopf.
12:30 P.M.
7140 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90046

Noel Blanc, Larry Storch, and Edd "Kookie" Byrnes Among September 2014 BearManor Radio Guests

BearManor Radio, highlights of which includes an interview with Noel Blanc about his dad Mel Blanc, tributes to Laurel & Hardy, the music of Benny Bell, The Ink Spots Meet the Andrew Sisters, and the premier of the new Aroma Thyme Radio, and more!

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