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News from Greg Ehrbar

FROZEN IN ICE: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, 1966-1985 by Mark Arnold Greg Ehrbar has told us that he recently did a feature about FROZEN IN ICE: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, 1966-1985 by Mark Arnold.

You can read the article here:

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WHICH ONE WAS DAVID? by David Frankham with Jim Hollifield
Also, Greg tells us that the TV Confidential podcast with David Frankham, talking about his book WHICH ONE WAS DAVID? is available on iTunes now.
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Mel Simons

I have just heard from Andrew Fielding, who presents a show on Radio Once More.  He has shared the following news with us:

"I wanted to let you know that Mel Simons--who has of course written so many popular BearManor Media books--recently made a return visit to my weekly talk show on "Radio Once More," the Internet radio station.  Mel has appeared on the program several times.

We spoke about his recently-published second volume of radio-related trivia--The Old-Time Radio Trivia Book II.
We also spent a lot of time talking about certain legendary entertainers, entertainers Mel knows a great deal about--such as Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, and Frank Sinatra.

For your reference:  the radio station--which presents Old-Time Radio broadcasts and nostalgia-oriented programming--can be heard at this address:  My program, which began airing in the spring of 2011, is heard Thursday nights from 9 to midnight, Eastern time (although I'll be off for the next few weeks).  The station, based in Maryland, went on the air in 2010, and is run by radio veteran Neal Ellis.
Here, too, is Mel's website:"

We would like to thank Andrew for keeping us up-to-date with news.  You can order Mel's books here:

And Andrew's book, 'The Lucky Strike Papers' is here:

New Audio Book - Vamp 'till Ready

We are pleased to announce that VAMP 'TIL READY: HARRY JAMES, DICK HAYMES AND THE STORIES OF ENTERTAINMENT LEGENDS by Al Lerner, has been released as an audiobook. 


He is a composer, arranger and consummate musician. His repertoire of songs - classical, jazz and show times - have delighted audiences for over five decades. His performances have spanned the globe, accompanying some of the greatest artists of the Big Band era and the musical world: Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, Dick Haymes, Glenn Miller, Frankie Laine, Rosemary Clooney, Kay Starr and Pat Boone! They've all benefited from the talent of the one world-class pianist and conductor, a man for all occasions, who knows how to entertain. He is Al Lerner.
Al Lerner is a musical wonder. For decades, he has been writing and performing songs for people of all ages. His delightful melodies have captured the fancy of music lovers, performing the classic songs people remember: Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, and classic show tunes from Broadway to the movies.

A show business veteran, Al has played in every major concert hall coast-to-coast, and then some. He has entertained at Carnegie Hall and even conducted a Royal Command Performance for the Queen of England. As a composer, he is just as prolific. He is the author of over 200 songs, among them, the closing theme song ("So Until I See You") for Jack Paar's Tonight Show, and for several classic motion pictures.

Today, Al remains ever the showman. He performs at benefits, Big Band concerts, nightclubs and special engagements. He has been a featured act for several major cruise lines; including three Princess cruises, Sitmar, and Royal Viking, and continues to entertain audiences overseas.

For music that entertains. For an evening of entertainment worth repeating, nobody does it like Al Lerner.

This is his book of memories: working with Harry James, Allan Sherman, Martha Tilton, George Gobel, Ray Bolger, and everyone else in the music industry.
You can order the audio here:

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New Book - JOURNAL OF EDWIN CARP by Richard Haydn

We are pleased to announce the publication of JOURNAL OF EDWIN CARP by Richard Haydn.


If you've ever wondered just what goes on in the mind of that marvellously comical character actor Richard Haydn, you won't believe what you are about to read: his only book. It's a wonderful tale of absurdity from the star of
Forever Amber, Sitting Pretty, The Twilight Zone, and of course, Alice in Wonderland.

It is a book that cannot be described. You have to read it. But as Mr. Haydn himself explains on page 3, "I am determined to spare no pains to ensure that the entries in this journal be both permanently and universally

You shall enjoy.

You can order a copy of the book from our website:


We are pleased to announce the publication of STIRLING SILLIPHANT: THE FINGERS OF GOD by Nat Segaloff.


During the 1950s and 1960s it seemed that every TV show was written by Stirling Silliphant. His scripts for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tightrope, Alcoa-Goodyear Theatre, Perry Mason, and, of course, Naked City and Route 66, made him Hollywood’s most produced writer. Later he dominated the disaster film cycle with The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno, brought martial arts phenomenon Bruce Lee to screen prominence with Marlowe and Longstreet, won an Oscar® for In the Heat of the Night, and helped create the TV mini-series. He lived the life of a movie star, not a movie writer, attending A-list parties, sailing his yacht around the world, driving posh cars, and turning out one hit after another.

But it came at a price: Four marriages, estranged children, a son’s death, and, ultimately, expatriation. Stirling Silliphant: The Fingers of God intimately explores the life and creative process of the man behind Charly, Pearl, The Grass Harp, Village of the Damned, and other big and small screen events. Drawn from exhaustive interviews conducted by author Nat Segaloff in the years before Silliphant’s 1996 death and augmented by material from his private files, what emerges is a complex portrait of a larger-than-life figure who rose to the top of a larger-than-life industry.

About the Author
Nat Segaloff has written biographies of Arthur Penn and William Friedkin, in-depth profiles of Paul Mazursky, John Milius, and Walon Green; and TV biographies of Stan Lee, Larry King, John Belushi, Darryl F. Zanuck, and Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop. He is a playwright, college instructor, journalist, and producer who loves writing books.

"Stirling Silliphant was a legendary, larger-than-life screenwriter whose brilliant, innovative scripts changed the face of television and film. Nat Segaloff's compelling biography itself feels like the plot for a movie as it chronicles Silliphant's fascinating personality, epical life, and dramatic career."
-- David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of First Blood and The Brotherhood of the Rose

“Seeing as how The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno were the two films that first made the 10-year-old me want to pursue a career in the movies, I devoured Mr. Segaloff’s wonderful book about one of our finest screenwriters;  a man who brought us from the sublime (In the Heat of the Night) to the ridiculous (The Swarm), with equal parts artistry and verve.“
-- Scott Rosenberg, screenwriter, Con Air and High Fidelity

“Highly-respected film/TV writer Stirling Silliphant gets A+ treatment in this flavorful account of the prolific craftsman. Silliphant's prodigious talents and unique viewpoints shine through this fast-flowing narrative by Nat Segaloff, whose interactions with the Oscar-winning scenarist over many years, gives this detailed study an added dimension. This book is a winner and a choice read!"
-- James Robert Parish, author of It's Good to be the King: The Seriously Funny Life of Mel Brooks

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David Frankham and Jim Hollifield

We recently caught up with Jim Hollifield, co-author with David Frankham, of 'Which One Was David?'   Jim had the following to share with us:
 WHICH ONE WAS DAVID? by David Frankham with Jim Hollifield

"David just did a long phone interview about Which One Was David? -- about an hour for a radio show called TV Confidential in Los Angeles.  The interviewer was a really nice fellow named Ed Robertson, who had obviously read the book inside and out, as he was able to pull all kinds of little details and anecdotes out of his head as he talked.

It is airing around the U.S. this week, and after the 27th will be archived for listening (for a few months at least) on the TV Confidential website:

In fact, it went so well that when David and I visit California in a few weeks Ed suggested we visit in person and record another hour ... and then maybe even do a series of interviews over time."

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Dave White Presents


The show talks about Shelley's book, TO LAUGHTER WITH QUESTIONS: POETRY and reads one of his poems too.
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New Book - Journey Thru The Unknown

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of JOURNEY THRU THE UNKNOWN by the Unknown Comic, a.k.a. Murray Langston.

JOURNEY THRU THE UNKNOWN by the Unknown Comic, a.k.a. Murray Langston

The memoirs of Murray Langston, aka "The Unknown Comic," is a detailed account of the Highlights and Lowlights of each year of my life, from June 27, 1944 until my 69th birthday coming up on June 27, 2013.

It's my story of how a poor kid from Montreal, being influenced by Jerry Lewis, longed to follow in his funny steps and somehow leave Canada and make it to Hollywood.

Spiced with humor, drama, and celebrities which made me consider calling the book, "Name-Droppers," the reader will be surprised at many of the revelations which include being threatened by Frank Sinatra, partying all night with Elvis Presley, spending Christmas Eve with Lucille Ball, watching Bob Hope's Christmas show when I was in the military and working with him 20 years later, attending the Academy Awards, double dating with Robin Williams, appearing with Patrick Swayze in his first film, hanging out at Steve Martin's house, playing practical jokes on Carol Burnett, friending David Letterman on his first arrival to L.A., holding Kate Hudson when she was only weeks old, hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, co-starring with Jim Carrey in his very first television appearance.

Read about my appearing for 4 years with Sonny & Cher, working alongside Ronald Reagan, O.J. Simpson, Bobby Darin, the Jackson 5 and my hero at the time, Jerry Lewis, among so many others.

Read about how I also worked on several other TV series starring Roger Miller, Wolfman Jack, Bobby Vinton, the Hudson Brothers, and more.

Read about my appearing on practically every talk show of that era from The Tonight Show to Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, John Davidson, Dinah Shore, even Howard Stern... and more.

Read about my appearing at almost every Hotel in Las Vegas, from the Sahara, the Riviera, The Sands, The Tropicana, The Landmark, The Dunes and more.

Read about how I produced, wrote, directed and starred in a couple of feature films, besides appearing in over 20 movies along with over 800 television appearances while starring in and directing several plays along the way with fellow actors Linda Blair, Pat Paulsen, Johnny Whitaker, Eddie Mekka, and more.

Read about the Ladies who I appeared on stage with including, Charo, Helen Reddy, Melissa Manchester, Gladys Knight, Crystal Gayle, the Supremes and more...

Read about the many comics who were my opening act like Drew Carey, David Spade, Kevin Nealon, Ryan Stiles and more.

Read about the many comics who I worked with in their early years who later became famous like Jay Leno, Cheech and Chong, Freddie Prinze, Gabe Kaplan, Michael Keaton, Howie Mandel and more...

Read about the many celebrities I worked with who I later became close friends with like Ruth Buzzi, Frankie Avalon, Dom DeLuise, Jerry Van Dyke, Ted Knight, Harvey Korman, especially my mentor Redd Foxx, and more...

Read about celebrities who I worked and hung out with who were arrogant and not very nice people like Mickey Rooney, Sonny Bono, Billy Crystal, Chris Rock, Vickie Lawrence and more…

Read about some of the ladies I dated like Miss U.S.A., Playboy centerfolds, Debra Winger, Deidre Hall, Teri Garr, and Lucie Arnaz to mention a few.

Read about how I am currently single but was married twice with two daughters, one 24, who is Britney Spears' background singer and is about to make a huge splash on her own. The other a 14 year old with "Down" syndrome who is the light of my life, and pure liquid love.

You can order the book from our website:

New Book - Welcome Foolish Mortals Revised Edition

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of 'Welcome Foolish Mortals, The Life and Voices of Paul Frees: Revised edition' by Ben Ohmart.
The 2nd expanded edition contains:

More personal information from missing wives and friends;

More photos;

More/updated credits;

Letters between Paul and his first wife during WWII;

New cover!
And all for the same price as the original book!
The book will ship on Dec 5th and will be priced at $29.95, with an ISBN of 1-59393-434-3.  It will shortly be available to pre-order from our website:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We are happy to announce the publication of BANDITS & REBELS by Jules Verne, translated by Edward Baxter.

BANDITS & REBELS by Jules Verne, translated by Edward Baxter

Captain Nemo’s Nautilus in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was not the first undersea craft imagined by Jules Verne! A decade earlier, the prophetic author wrote San Carlos, imagining a Spanish smuggler who utilizes a vehicle capable of diving beneath the surface of the waves.  This newly-discovered story is published here in English for the first time—together with Verne’s final words before his death on the future of the submarine as an instrument of war.  Also in this volume is another never-before-translated tale, The Siege of Rome, a historical adventure of love and betrayal as Garibaldi’s revolutionaries are defeated in 1849.  

Sorbonne professor Daniel Compère introduces the expert translation by Edward Baxter in this seventh volume in the Palik series published under the auspices of the North American Jules Verne Society.

You can order the book here:

Mark Arnold


Mark Arnold, author of FROZEN IN ICE: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, 1966-1985 has been interviewed on the following website:

Once you have read the interview, why not pop over to our website to order our book.   Here is the link:

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Fred Frees

We have a variety of Fred Frees audios for sale on our website, including FRED FREES PRESENTS.


You can see a full list here:


We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of FROM HOLLYWOOD TO MICHAEL DANTE WAY by Michael Dante.


My journey ‘From Hollywood to Michael Dante Way’ has been a long and winding road. I share my experiences in this book as I dreamed and struggled to reach my goals. With luck, good timing and divine guidance most of my dreams did come true. I lived, worked and was a part of an electrifying period in Hollywood’s history with many great and talented people who enriched my life. I hope my journey so far, inspires you to reflect on your own ambitions with the same appreciation for success as I have.

“Michael Dante is that rare and laudable professional athlete that doesn’t need physical prowess or prior fame to achieve success in motion pictures. His acting stands and shines on its own. He never falls back on a familiar, successful personality, but inhabits the unique personality of each of the many varied characters he portrays – and does so with commitment, truth and excellence. His life, his art, is well worth perusing.”
Don Murray – Academy Award & Emmy Award honored actor/writer/director

“Never have I worked with an actor so well prepared. His Winterhawk was extraordinary, not only his performance, his horsemanship was magnificent. His character was a visual wonder. Michael is a lovely man as well and a joy to share his screen.”
Dawn Wells – Actress, producer and philanthropist

“When I think of ideal role models for Americans of all ages, one figure stands tall, both figuratively and literally—that individual is my friend and great patriot, Michael Dante. Michael has earned international and national recognition and respect as a talented TV and film star, radio talk show host, entertainment personality and professional baseball player. As an all-around versatile athlete, he was able to participate in countless sporting events to raise funds for charitable causes. What you see is what you get. Strong, handsome, honest and humble in his beliefs and deeds, a true “straight shooter” in the vernacular of Western American lore; a man who has excelled in all his endeavors. You can always count on Michael as a friend and industry representative to stand up to what is right and just. Michael is a man of integrity and action as the reader will appreciate throughout his book.”
John Bianchi – American Legend, 50 Years of Gunleather, Retired Army Major General

“When I came to Hollywood, Michael was my first friend. I thoroughly enjoyed his company. I loved sports and we talked a lot about baseball. I love movies too and I’m so proud of Michael’s accomplishments in the movie and television industry. I was always impressed with his intelligence and versatile talent; Michael has had a magnificent life. I’ll be waiting by the mailbox for a copy of his book.”
Robert Morse – Multi-Tony award winning actor:
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Tru
and Mad Men

You can pre-order the book here:

New Book - Duryea: The Movies

We are pleased to announce the publication of DURYEA: THE MOVIES by Joseph Fusco.

DURYEA: THE MOVIES by Joseph Fusco

Dan Duryea was a rare actor who had the knack of creating an impressive array of characters from a limited range of emotions. He used this array in different combinations and frequencies to create heroes and villains from the same patterns. It was a matter of degree pertaining righteous behavior versus malicious cowardice.  Sometimes, the touches were subtle; other times they were stark contrasts. That meant there were times when tags like hero
and villain meant nothing.

Duryea's unique style was highlighted in classic dramas, crime noirs, pulp westerns, soap opera romances and low budget independents from the 40's to the late 60's. "The Little Foxes" started a film career in 1941 that continued until 1967 with "The Bamboo Saucer," a Cold War science-fiction adventure. He also had a television resume that covered all of the dramatic, comedy and western genres of the 50's and 60's, including his own exotic adventure show in the 50's and a recurring role in a 60's prime time soap opera. Not a bad set of credits for someone who once described himself as "a bread and butter actor."

The irony of Dan Duryea's career is the man who created a roster of scoundrels, connivers, murderers and thieves was actually a mild man who enjoyed a fulfilling home life and a marriage that lasted thirty six years and produced two sons. He shied away from the Hollywood social scene, choosing to enjoy his hobbies, which were building boats and racing yachts on Lake Arrowhead.

You can order the book here:

Mark Arnold


FROZEN IN ICE: THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS, 1966-1985 by Mark Arnold will be featured on the Cocktail Nation show this week.  Please go to the Cocktail Nation website for more information:

And afterwards why not order the book?  Here is a link:

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Howie Gordon

HINDSIGHT: TRUE LOVE & MISCHIEF IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF PORN by Howie Gordon a.k.a. Richard Pacheco has been featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


You can read the article here:

Howie has also been interviewed on the DVE Morning Show in Pittsburgh, PA:

And here you will find another article about the book:

Howie's daughter has also written a little piece about her dad, which was published in the comments section of the Salon article (link above) and you can read her thoughts below:

I'm Polly, Howie Gordon's middle daughter.  For the record, when I landed on the scoop that, "Daddy makes sexy movies," it's what happened next that is the great interest of this story.  I ran to tell my older sister, excited that I had some hot-ticket news.  When I dropped the line on her, "daddy makes sexy movies!" she didn't even flinch.  She wouldn't let her younger sister have discovered anything interesting, or worthy of her reaction.  She responded to my excitement with a smug, "so?"
This was the great and fabulous accident of this story.  In a flash, I went from thinking I had 
exciting news, to feeling that dad's sexy movies were as a banal part of reality as his mowing the lawn.  My sister deflated any sense that something was out of the ordinary.

It's from that point that the knowledge of my dad's past career folded into my general 
consciousness without much to-do, explaining, or fanfare. I have plenty more to say about my on-going and eventually broadened understanding of my dad's porn career, and would be happy to share with anyone interested.  It's made evident in my dad's memoir, and I would agree, that the conversations came at age appropriate times.

Also for the record, I don't know if it's clear that my Dad was retired by the time he worked as 
our school drama teacher (I was in the same elementary and junior high school class with Tracy.)  Also, he was a good drama teacher!  I say that not to give blanket praise because he's my dad, but he really did a good job.  He had acting credentials apart from his work in porn, including his work with a Bay Area group called The Blake Street Hawkeyes (again, it's in the book.)   My dad wrote and directed our third-grade play, The Magic Horse. It was likely the biggest third-grade production that had ever been put on at our school.  He got the shy kids to project, and even to deliver comedic lines.  He drew out musical performances, and encouraged kids to make their own choices about costuming and props.  He was a good drama teacher.

People tend to enact a certain level of shock when they learn about my dad's past.  The truth is, porn is only part of who he was/is.  I really want people to read my dad's book so they can get to know him, and his story.  It's so much more than you would think.  The story is not your typical journey of a hero.  Nor is my Dad a typical anti-hero like Al Swearengen or Walter White.  He's one of the greatest humans I know, and I am so proud to call him my Dad.  Get his memoir, Hindsight, it’s all there. 

You can order a copy of the book here:

Many Selves

MANY SELVES: THE HORROR AND FANTASY FILMS OF PAUL WEGENER by Henry Nicolella and John T. Soister has been reviewed on the Silents Are Golden website.

You can read the review here:

And you can order the book here:

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We are pleased to announce that we will soon be publishing ELVIS' FAVORITE DIRECTOR: THE AMAZING 52-YEAR CAREER OF NORMAN TAUROG by Michael A. Hoey.


Still the youngest director to ever win an Academy Award (Skippy, 1931); Norman Taurog’s career embraces the history of Hollywood, from silent comedies to the Elvis Presley era. During Taurog’s fifty-two years in the film business he directed seventy-eight feature films starring everyone from Maurice Chevalier and Carole Lombard, to W.C. Fields and Bing Crosby, to Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy (who won an Oscar for his performance as Father Flanagan in Taurog’s Boys Town), to Judy Garland, Mario Lanza, Cary Grant, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and of course his nine films with Elvis Presley. Elvis’ Favorite Director is an in-depth study of Hollywood movie-making, seen through the eyes of a talented craftsman and told by a writer who worked closely with Taurog during the last six years and eight films of his career.

About the Author

Michael A. Hoey is a multi-award winning film and television editor, writer, director and producer. He is the son of Dennis Hoey, who played Inspector Lestrade in Universal’s Sherlock Holmes series. Hoey began in Hollywood working as a film editor. He later wrote, directed or produced a number of feature films, including the teen comedy Palm Springs Weekend, the cult sci-fi flick The Navy vs. the Night Monsters and two movies starring Elvis Presley, Stay Away, Joe and Live A Little, Love A Little. He was also a contributing writer on four more films starring Elvis. He then transitioned into television where he wrote and directed a number of shows, including a multi-year run on Fame for which he received several awards. He lives in San Clemente, California.

You can order the book here:

Author of the Week - Ron Palumbo

We are very pleased that Ron Palumbo, author of 'Buck Privates: The Original Filmscript' is our Author of the Week this time.

BUCK PRIVATES by Ron Palumbo, Foreword by Tom Smothers, Introduction by Leonard Maltin

What is your background and why did you decide to become a writer?

I’m an advertising creative director. I write, draw, design, illustrate, edit film, and create motion graphics. I also lecture at a planetarium, because astronomy is a hobby of mine. I like creating things that make people laugh or think or, in the best cases, do both.
What books have you written for BearManor, and what are they about?

“Buck Privates” is my first for BearManor. It’s about the making of the movie that made Bud Abbott and Lou Costello movie stars. They used some of their best comedy routines in this film, and those routines hold up today. The film was a huge hit and led to a 14-year contract and another 35 films. The movie was also a significant piece of propaganda. It was made nearly a year before Pearl Harbor and glamorized the peacetime army. In that way, it helped prepare the country for its inevitable entry into World War II. It really captures the mood of America before the war.
Why did you choose those particular subjects?

I love Abbott and Costello. I discovered them on TV at an early age; they were always on here in New York. I appreciated their humor on many levels: Lou’s childlike quality, his physical comedy, their incredible verbal pieces like “Who’s on First?,” and Bud’s talent as the quintessential straight man. I became incredibly curious about them and became something of an expert. I eventually started the Official Abbott and Costello Fan Club in 1986. In fact, the founder of BearManor, Ben Ohmart, joined the club back then when he was just a kid. In 1991 I co-authored the book “Abbott and Costello in Hollywood,” and have written the liner notes for the definitive DVD collections of their films and TV shows. I’ve also been on A&E Biography and in other documentaries.
How long did it take you to write them, and did you find it an easy task?

“Abbott and Costello in Hollywood,” which is about all 36 of their movies, took a year. This book, which is about one film, probably took longer than that. The first book had a chapter about “Buck Privates” that I used for the foundation for this book. But then I started over, filling in gaps and expanding the scope. A book demands that. I did a great deal of new research and interviews. That’s fun for me. I always want to uncover new things, find new connections and answer questions. The book format allowed me to discuss in greater detail Abbott and Costello’s technique, the historical context, the Andrews Sisters history, and Universal’s production methods and studio personnel. What’s hard for me is stopping. I could have kept going on indefinitely with this book. At some point you have to stop and put it out in the world.
What can we expect to find in your books?

You’ll learn about the process of making movies during the golden age of the studio system, particularly the creative process. The book includes the film’s shooting script. You can watch the movie and follow along with the screenplay and see how things were changed or improved as they were filmed. In most cases, the changes and improvements are in Abbott and Costello’s scenes. They were creative artists who used the script as a starting point and improvised around it. This gave their scenes spontaneity, and made them funnier. You’ll also learn about their talented co-stars, writers, directors and crewmembers. For example, there’s a lot of information about the Andrews Sisters, who were better known than Bud and Lou before the film was released. The Andrews Sisters introduced “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B” in the film. It’s probably World War II’s most famous novelty tune. But one of the surprising things I learned is that the song was originally intended for … Lou Costello! There are so many anecdotes like that -- potentially disastrous decisions or ideas that make you wonder, “What were they thinking?!” Fortunately the Andrews Sisters did the song and it became iconic. There’s also a lot about the film’s director, Arthur Lubin. He later filmed Clint Eastwood’s screen test and put Eastwood in a bit part in one of the Francis the Talking Mule films. Lubin also created the TV series “Mr. Ed.”
What would you say is the most interesting thing about being a writer?

Not only do you have to know everything about your subject, but you also have to know about diverse things that shaped your subject’s lives or careers. I’ve learned so much about show business in the 1920s and 1930s, for instance, and the political and social atmosphere in the United States before, during and after the film was made.
Do you have a website, blog etc, where readers can find you?

If you like Abbott and Costello, you should visit I can be reached through there.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I’m grateful that Ben Ohmart has created a place where books like these have a home, and I admire Phil Riley for his accomplishments preserving film history through books. It’s an honor to join them and the BearManor family. Hopefully this is the start of a long series of books on the Abbott and Costello films.
You can order a copy of the book here:

Monday, November 11, 2013

New Book - When They Came Back

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of WHEN THEY CAME BACK Text by Christopher Conlon, Photographs by Roberta Lannes-Sealey.

WHEN THEY CAME BACK Text by Christopher Conlon, Photographs by Roberta Lannes-Sealey

It’s winter 1899 in Hardgrove, Nebraska—a lonely little village in the middle of nowhere. Nothing ever happens in Hardgrove; farmers farm, shopkeepers tend to their shops, men gather at Mr. Henry’s Tavern to drink and discuss crop prices.

But things are about to change. It begins with a mysterious rain—an oily black rain that falls from peculiar green clouds and burns the skin. Then, one after another…the people return.

People who are supposed to be dead.

When They Came Back marks the first collaboration between writer Christopher Conlon, “one of the preeminent names in contemporary literary horror” (Booklist), and visionary art photographer Roberta Lannes-Sealey. It’s a story of the living dead told in words and photographs that’s unlike any you’ve ever encountered. 

Brace yourself…for When They Came Back.

You can pre-order the book here:

New Book - A Letter of Introduction

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of A LETTER OF INTRODUCTION: THE LIFE AND FILMS OF JAMES STEPHENSON by David A. Redfern.


James Stephenson's performance in William Wyler's The Letter is held in high critical esteem, yet the actor himself remains remarkably unknown. His is an extraordinary story of dedication and tenacity in achieving Hollywood
stardom, only for his career and new-found success to be ended by an unexpected and tragic death.  Drawing on the late actor's personal archive, and other primary source material, the book traces his early family background in Lancashire, England, uncovers his First World War army service records, and describes his business career during the 1920s and early 1930s.

At the age of forty-three he was able to enter the acting profession on the strength of his experience in amateur stage work. He performed on the professional stage in Liverpool and London. In private letters he describes his journey to Hollywood and the ordeal of screen tests at the Warner Bros. Burbank Studios. During his Hollywood screen career he played opposite such charismatic performers as: Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Errol Flynn and Kay
For the first time, this biography presents the extensive range of James Stephenson's acting career both in Britain and Hollywood. Throughout, his life is depicted against a detailed historical background.

David A. Redfern is a film historian and lives in England.

You can order a copy of the book here:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Garry Berman

PERFECT FOOL: THE LIFE AND CAREER OF ED WYNN by Garry Berman has been reviewed on the David C Tucker website.


You can read the review here:

And you can order the book here:

New Book - Weapon of Choice

We are pleased to announce the publication of WEAPON OF CHOICE by Janette Anderson.

WEAPON OF CHOICE by Janette Anderson

No one ever told her that this was real life.

“Weapon of Choice is whiz-bang action, adventure, and suspense.”
– Marilynn and Jerry London, Director and Producer

“Weapon of Choice is action packed, great characters, and many twists and turns. A great read.”
– Christopher J. Gambino, Nicole Productions

“Janette Anderson is a female author who has successfully captured the mystique of her male character. A rip-roaring adventure story of men, a woman, and the land.”
– Jim Byrnes, Writer and Producer

Janette Anderson was born in England, but now resides in Los Angeles as a US citizen. After earning her degree in communications, she traveled round the world, and then began a career as a celebrity journalist interviewing over 500 stars. Graduating from the WGA as a signatory agent, Ms. Anderson opened her own company arranging parties for the stars, including one for Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. Now she spends her time both writing and producing her books to films. From the first series, The Kane Branson series of five books, comes Kane, and closely followed by Sons of the Father, both to be films next year. Weapon of Choice, dedicated to Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Barry Bostwick, and Eric Fleming, hopefully will one day be a third film.

You can order a copy of the book here:

New Book - Chaplin's Vintage Year

We are very happy to announce the forthcoming release of CHAPLIN'S VINTAGE YEAR: THE HISTORY OF THE MUTUAL CHAPLIN SPECIALS by Michael J Hayde.


When Charles Chaplin signed a record-setting contract with the Mutual Film Corporation in February 1916, it was the culmination of events that changed the motion picture business. Mutual's founders redefined how films were bought, sold and distributed. Chaplin redefined screen comedy with a character that leapt into the hearts of moviegoers around the world. Together they established the value of star power and created twelve magnificent comedies that have endured for generations. From the nickelodeon to the internet, the MUTUAL-CHAPLIN SPECIALS have been viewed by more people than any other films in the entire history of cinema.

CHAPLIN'S VINTAGE YEAR tells the full story of the MUTUAL-CHAPLIN SPECIALS, framed within the rise and fall of the Mutual Film Corporation, the worldwide phenomenon known as "Chaplinitis," the famous $670,000 contract, and the various acquisitions and releases these comedies have enjoyed for nearly one hundred years. The book includes a detailed filmography featuring period reviews and exhibitor comments, and is lavishly illustrated with over 150 photographs and advertising images.

You can pre-order the book here:

Jason Hill


News from our friends at 'Dave White Presents':

Twenty-five years ago, radio host Jason Hill launched a show called *LIFE IN THE PAST LANE*. At first, he simply played old radio shows. Then, Jason began interviewing the behind-the-scenes technicians and performers of these shows. Then he began interviewing entertainers from theatre, movies, early television and big band music. 

Now, Hill has compiled these interviews in a new three volume book series, not surprisingly called *LIFE IN THE PAST LANE*. His subjects in Vol. One include Mel Blanc, Ralph Bellamy, John Houseman, and folks who worked with Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, the voice of Judy Jetson, and radio pioneer Norman Corwin.  Find out more about the book when the interviewer is interviewed on the latest "Dave White Presents," now available as a podcast, mp3 download, from itunes, through TEVO and, or on the player at--

You can order the book here:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Book - The Savage Trap

We are pleased to announce the publication of THE SAVAGE TRAP: THE UNPRODUCED SCREENPLAY by Ib Melchior.


The jungle is wild and tropical - and a deadly hush of anticipation hangs in the humid air. A man eludes pursuit in the murky water of a swamp pool. His scant clothing ripped and torn, he is obviously exhausted - and terrorized.
His face is wild with panic, and he is near collapse. Cowering in fear, he is unaware of the threat of a deadly python, approaching silently from behind. Closer and closer...

You can order the book here:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Richard Yokley

We are pleased to share this lovely photo of BearManor author Richard Yokley, during his recent book signing event.  Here he is sitting with Teresa, the daughter of an LAFD Fire Chief.

You can order a copy of FIRST RESPONDERS OF TELEVISION by Richard Yokley here:

Joe Martelle

We are pleased to share an article from Joe Martelle, author of RADIO PRO: RADIO PROS & LEGENDS SHARE THEIR SECRETS TO SUCCESS, which talks about his recent book signing events....

Kimmie and I just returned from a whirlwind week in Maine & the Boston area. It was a magical time.

We feel so special to be treated so warmly! What a great welcome we received from family, long-time friends and old listeners.

It all began with my induction to the Maine Radio Hall of Fame on Sat. night, Oct. 19th in Augusta. I caught up with old radio pals I hadn't seen in years, in some cases 35 years.

It was followed Monday, Oct. 21st by a reading from my book at my old high school, Cheverus in Portland. As we walked in to the library, we were greeted with applause from a huge gathering of old friends, including classmates, and guys I served with in the USMC which I hadn't seen in years!! Very emotional and a fun time. I spoke for 2 hours (didn't lose my voice either--laughing).

On Monday A.M., my one-time radio partner, Bruce Glasier and I did 2 hours on WLOB Portland in Morning Drive. Legendary radio pro, J.J. Jeffrey now owns the station, sat in with us, along with their regular morning guy, Ray Richardson. Great fun! It was like Brucie & I just did a show yesterday, and we hadn't been on the air together in over thirty years! We would like to do something together on-air on a part-time basis. We'll see.

Speaking to broadcasting students at Curry College in Milton, MA, Thursday afternoon was great. It was so gratifying to see so many young people interested in pursuing a career as an air personality. Their questions were excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my radio life, along with many examples from my book, Radio Pro.

The reception Thursday night (Oct. 24th) at Kowloons Restaurant (my old haunt) Rt 1, Saugus, MA was fabulous. I was under the impression the owners, our friends the Wong Family would only serve appetizers to guests. They surprised us with a full buffet for our invited guests. Between 50-70 Broadcasters (who comment in my book), along with friends and listeners were on hand to say hi. One of our friends said, as he was leaving, "there's a lot of love in that room tonight, Joey!" It was truly a once in a life-time gathering,

Friday night at Midnight, I wrapped up our exciting week by doing a live in studio hour on WBZ Boston with my long-time friend, Jordan Rich. The station covers 37 States, Canada and the Virgin Islands. The phone calls were wonderful. Many wished I was back on radio in Boston.  Their support gave me much to think about my possible return to the air in either Boston or Portland. We'll see :-)

While in Portland, Bruce Glasier (he retired last year as sports dir. at CH6 Portland after 35 years)  and I did a segment on WCSH-TV's program 207. It's like Evening Magazine. If, you care to see it, go to I haven't been able to down-load it, so if you watch it, please let me know how it looks. Kindly over-look my gray hairs (laughing:-)

The week was truly a very special homecoming for Kimmie and me. We feel so blessed.

I'm hoping book sales will now pick up on Radio Pro. We could have sold hundreds, but because we changed travel plans at the 11th hour--flew rather than drove--had to leave books behind. Didn't have enough time to ship them ahead. Many said they would purchase the book on Instead, I urged them to go to the www.bearmanormedia  website, since I never know how many copies of my book amazon sells.

Thanks to Joe for sharing his memories with us!  You can order a copy of the book from our website:

Book of the Week - Buck Privates

BUCK PRIVATES by Ron Palumbo, Foreword by Tom Smothers, Introduction by Leonard Maltin is our Book of The Week!

BUCK PRIVATES by Ron Palumbo, Foreword by Tom Smothers, Introduction by Leonard Maltin

MagicImage Filmbooks is proud to launch a brand new series featuring the classic comedies of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello with their first hit, BUCK PRIVATES. Ron Palumbo, co-author of “Abbott and Costello in Hollywood” and founder of the Official Abbott and Costello Fan Club, has written an outstanding production history, lavishly illustrated with over 150 stills and frame grabs. “The result is not just a thorough look at one milestone movie,” says Leonard Maltin, “but a rich serving of Hollywood history.” As always, each MagicImage volume features the film’s original Shooting Script and Pressbook.

"Hollywood in Abbott and Costello’s era is such a magical period in our imaginations. MagicImage’s upcoming book, Buck Privates, is the next best thing to going back and watching them make the film. Any student of comedy, or anybody who loves comedy and comedy teams, is going to be thrilled with this book." — Tom Smothers, Comedian.

You can order a copy of the book here: