Monday, December 31, 2012

Little Elf

2012 has been a great year for authors Chuck Harter and Michael J Hayde, and now we are really pleased to tell you that their book, 'Little Elf' has been included in Thomas Gladysz' Best Film Books of the year article.  You can read all about it here:

And afterwards, why not pop along to our website to order a copy of this super (and HUGE!) book yourself!

Spotlights and Shadows

BearManor author Sandra Grabman has shared a video trailer for her book, 'Spotlights and Shadows: The Albert Salmi Story' which was made by fellow BMM author, Michael B. Druxman.

We think it is so fabulous we've included it here for you to see yourselves.

And after you've watched the video, you can order the book from our website:

You can find all of our Sandra Grabman books here:

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Little Elf

We are thrilled that 'Little Elf,' by Chuck Harter & Michael J. Hayde came second in the You Gotta Read Reviews Cover Contest.  Thank you to everyone who voted for this superb book cover!

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Golden Goddesses

The folks at EMMREPORT recently posted an interview they did with Jill Nelson in Hollywood, one day before the book launch of Golden Goddesses.  Jill would like to thank reporter/cameraman Dominic Ace for asking some great questions.

You can view the interview here:

And you can order the book from our website:

Monday, December 24, 2012

New Book - Men Into Space

We are happy to announce the publication of 'Men Into Space' by John C. Fredriksen


Before Lost In Space, before Star Trek, and before Space 1999, American audiences were regaled by the weekly thrills, perils, and otherworldly exploits of Men Into Space, the first-ever “hard science” sci-fi program. Popular actor William Lundigan appeared as the redoubtable Colonel Edward McCauley, who grappled with many of the same problems that real astronauts encountered in their quest to reach the Moon a decade later. It was a sombre departure from previous televised science fiction fare, aimed at juveniles, and served up the drama and excitement of space flight in realistic fashion.

In 38 black-and-white episodes, McCauley endures lunar crashes, renegade satellites, runaway space stations, meteor strikes, and colliding tankers, in addition to memorable encounters with feuding scientists, balky subordinates, hostile cosmonauts, and space babes. All told, Men Into Space is a classic slice of 1950's Americana and exuberantly reflects the national obsession with astronautics of its day. It is a must for devotees of the heroic age of spaceflight and early science fiction television.

This ground-breaking booklet examines the historical context of the series and its rise and fall, along with biographies of all major personalities involved with its production. Includes two appendices and footnotes; profusely illustrated.

About the Author

John C. Fredriksen received his doctorate in history from Providence College. He is the author of 30 reference books on various topics.

You can order a copy of the book here:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Little Elf

We are thrilled that 'Little Elf,' by Chuck Harter & Michael J. Hayde has been nominated in the You Gotta Read Reviews Cover Contest. 

'Little Elf' is a mammoth book, full of everything you ever wanted to know about Harry Langdon, and it would be terrific if you could take a moment to vote.  The competition is open until Wednesday and 'Little Elf' is number 12 on the list at the site. Thank you!

You can vote here:

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David Pierce

We are really thrilled to tell you that our fabulous author, David Pierce,will be appearing at the Hollywood Show in Los Angeles, on 12 and 13 January 2013, signing copies of 'The Bewitched History Book.'  He will be joined by several other Bewitched actors and actresses, so if you fancy a post-Christmas treat, head to Hollywood where I'm sure you will have an amazing time!

You can find out more about the Hollywood Show here:

And you can order David's book from our website:

New Book - Forgotten Laughs

'Forgotten Laughs: An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw' by Richard Irvin is now available to order from our website.

Ever wonder what the unaired episodes of situation comedies that disappeared quickly from the air were about?  Curious about those comedy series such as Rewind, The Grubbs, and The Ortegas that the Fox network announced for its fall schedule but that never premièred   Did you know that stars like Bradley Cooper, Michelle Williams, and Brad Pitt made some of their earliest appearances on short-lived sitcoms?

Forgotten Laughs: An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw contains answers to these questions as well as others about quickly-canceled, never-aired, and short-run situation comedies.  Published for the first time are episode descriptions for these forgotten shows.  This reference book contains the most complete descriptions of sitcoms such as the quickly-canceled Doc Corkle, Co-Ed Fever, and Black Tie Affair, the never-aired Misconceptions, The Singles Table, and Snip, as well as short-run comedies like Fathers and Sons and Free Country and over 140 more. Most episode descriptions were culled from the archives of the Library of Congress, the Paley Center, and the UCLA TV script collection. In addition, Forgotten Laughs also includes insights from many producers, directors, and writers who worked on these little-known shows.

You can order the book here:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Book - Knots Landing Revisited

On December 27, 1979, the series David Jacobs had created before Dallas, debuted on CBS Television. Nobody knew that it would not only enjoy the success of its sister (or in this case, brother) series, they would both have a 14 year run. This is a story of family, friends, enemies, business associates, and those who crossed the path of the residents of a small California town named Knots Landing. Take a walk down memory lane with Gary, Val, Karen, Mac, Abby and the others who made millions of people stop what they were doing week after week to share the lives of the people living on Seaview Circle.

You can order a copy of the book from our website:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Henry Darrow

A huge CONGRATULATIONS must go to Henry Darrow and Jan Pippins, for their book, 'Henry Darrow: Lightning in the Bottle,' which has been voted the 2012 Book of the Year by Wild West News.

BearManor Media would like to say well done to Jan and Henry!  It is a super book, and everyone should have it in their collection!!

To order you copy, please visit our website:

And to visit the Wild West News FaceBook page, please click here:

Message from Linda J Alexander

Linda J. Alexander thanks all who have bought and read BearManor Media's 'A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story.'  As her Christmas present to you all, Linda would now like to share the news that she has a new book expected out by summer 2013...

'I Am Mr. Ed... Allan "Rocky" Lane Revealed' is the biography of the man who voiced TV's infamous talking horse, Mr. Ed.  Allan Lane was also in front of the camera from 1929 until the mid-1950s as a leading man, a dancer, and as Rocky Lane, well-known cowboy star of mid-century matinees.

Who knew that a talking horse could have such an amazing, long movie career... and a complicated life behind the camera?

Look out for more news on 'I am Mr Ed' coming soon.

To order a copy of Linda's book, please visit our website:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gene Arceri

The wonderful Gene Arceri has written four books for us so far, and we like them so much we thought we'd tell you all about them today:


At the top she made millions- at the bottom she scrubbed floors in a parish priest house.  All the while she was making headlines around the world. What really happened?

There was never a more boisterous or vivacious movie star than Betty Hutton. She bulldozed her way in Hollywood with spirit and spunk and good humor through a string of hits during the 40's and 50's to a singing Annie Oakley in Irving Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun and that high flying  trapeze artist in The Greatest Show On Earth.  Her recordings demonstrated a boundless vocal range from zany romps to tear-stained ballads. Hutton's 1940's Big Band hits, her movies like The Perils of Pauline replaying constantly on television and video sales prove that Betty Hutton is back in style.  Or maybe she never really went away.  Now, here for the first time we have her story as related in her words about that life of one of the most popular Hollywood performers of her generation.  Misinterpreted, misquoted and often fictionalized in the past, the true story of her rise and fall and redemption is spoken here as only she could tell it.

In Rocking Horse Betty Hutton speaks for herself - through recorded interviews before her passing in 2007- from her own point of view of the spectacle, stardom and nostalgia. Who should know better- she lived it!  She wanted her public to know the truth- they made her, stood by her through her ups and downs. This story Betty said is for them!


After the party, at the end of Gone With The Wind, the music stopped. The Civil War motion picture was over and World War II loomed ahead. The stars had gone their separate ways. This literature not only goes behind the scenes, but follows the players, like a ghost. Clark Gable's secretary spoke personally to the author, after his dreams had vanished. Vivien Leigh's heavenly love story with Laurence Olivier crashed to earth. Why? Where is her true burial place, and why is it kept secret? Interviews with surviving cast members and those involved with the production are here. After fifty years, a discovery of the personal memorabilia of the assistant director, Eric Stacey, is revealed. This book was written for collectors and fans from all over the world, the millions of moviegoers who love anything to do with their universally-beloved film. The stars written about worked hard to maintain an illusion, a façade  This story removes the mysterious and reveals the truth.


Gene Arceri's fascination with Susan Hayward began as a teenage usher at the Roosevelt Theatre on Flushing, Long Island. New York and began to shape itself as an idea for a book when he began hosting a talk show over at PBS radio, in San Francisco. Every time he interviewed someone who had known Hayward he asked : What was she like?". The resulting anecdotes formed the beginning of the extensive research that went into this book. A journey that took him from Brooklyn to Atlanta, with stops everywhere, and in-between wanting face to face interviews, anywhere he could find some insight into this compelling personality. With help from Hayward's brother Walter, it ultimately brought the real person, hitherto to life. To quote Kirkus Review -"This is the book Susan Hayward deserves."


Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars, make room for Charlie–San Francisco’s newest attraction. Who is that cat in the window? Why was this seemingly ordinary cat receiving mail from Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, The White House, and other notable places far and wide? Who was the little elderly lady he lived with, who once fought with Bogie and flirted with Cary Grant? Like Charlie Chaplin, their counterpart, they, too, remain unforgettable characters.

This is a Christmas story, like no other, that will tug at your heartstrings, heal your spirit, and make you smile and cheer Charlie’s heroism.


Gene was featured on the Women's View Radio station this year, which really goes into detail on who Gene is and the books he has written.  It is definitely worth a listen and you can hear it here:

You can order Gene's books from our website:

and you can order Charlie of Nob Hill here:

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Joe Martelle

BearManor Author Joe Martelle has been interviewed on All Access Music Group, talking about his life, career and book, Radio Pro.

You can read the very interesting interview here:

And you can order a copy of Joe's book from our website:

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Book - The Museum Murders

It was a gala day in Phoenix, Arizona. A gathering of the city's most prominent citizens-including silent movie queen and patroness of the arts Gina Langley-were gathered for the grand opening of the sumptuous new Langley Memorial Art Museum. In the midst of the festivities, a tragedy occurs. One of the VIP guests, a prominent attorney, is struck in the temple by a magnificent Rodin bronze, which had fallen from its pedestal.

The attorney is killed instantly, and the newspapers are quick to announce this freak accident. But was it a freak accident? Of course not, this was MURDER! In the tradition of the classic mysteries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, The Museum Murders is rich with bloodthirsty killings, colorful characters, crackling dialogue and-after all is said and done-a satisfying denouement.

This rich concoction of murder and betrayal is from the mind of the late Tim Kelly, known and respected as America's most prolific playwright. During his award-winning career, Mr. Kelly wrote hundreds of plays but only a handful of novels. This particular novel was written in the late 1950s and never published-until now. As you read through these sharply written pages you will see for yourself how this remarkable writer has held audiences in his creative grasp with his well-chosen words. The dialogue almost jumps off the page. Take a tour of The Museum Murders. But watch out for falling Rodins...

You can order the book from our website:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's Take a Closer Look....

This week we take a closer look at the extraordinary book, 'Affectionately Jayne Mansfield' by Richard Koper.

Let's start with the cover, which is - in true Jayne fashion - Pink!  You can't get the full effect from the picture above, but it really is very, very pink in real life, which is exactly as it should be in my opinion.  As you can see, the front cover has a lovely publicity photograph of Jayne on the front, while on the back (which you can't see here) is a beautiful, more natural shot which shows just how very pretty Jayne was.  The back cover says the following:

"Jayne Mansfield was known as America's 'Smartest Dumb Blonde' but her seductive smile and eye-popping hourglass figure overshadowed the 'real' Jayne, who spoke five languages and was a concert violist and pianist.

A woman ahead of her time, she was both a mother and a celebrated sex symbol.  Driven to reach the heights of show business, her story reads like a fairy tale - but one with a gloomy side and an unhappy, tragic end.

A British film critic once described her: 'She has been as good an actress as her bubble-and-squeak roles have permitted her to be.  The lady is friendly, the lady is warm-hearted, the lady is always good for a laugh.'"

Jayne Mansfield is often dismissed as a Marilyn Monroe wannabe, and this was in part brought on by the fact that she was a huge fan of Monroe and spent much of her time dressing like her idol.  But away from that, Jayne was actually a very good actress in her own right, and a friendly, giving human being.  It is that Jayne that comes across so well in Richard's book.

The book itself is a nice size; 394 pages and has rare photographs on just about every, single page.  The great thing about this book, is that it really is a fact file of everything you ever wanted to know about Jayne.  It is divided into six parts:

  • Biography, 
  • Comparison and Competition, 
  • Filmography, 
  • The Plays, 
  • Television Appearances
  • Magazine Cover Gallery.  

Each section of the book is stacked with photographs and information about Jayne Mansfield and gives a positive look at her life, which is rarely ever seen.

In short, there's something for everyone in this book, and is a worthwhile addition to an existing Mansfield collection, and a terrific introduction for the new fan too.

You can order this fabulous book from our website:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Golden Goddesses

As we told you last week, Jill C Nelson was at the launch of 'Golden Goddesses' in Hollywood recently, and a great time was had by all.

Now, thanks to the wonders of video, you can see some of the launch yourself by visiting the Dailymotion site which includes interviews with Jill and some of the goddesses in the book.  Jill talks about the research and writing behind her amazing project, and reveals how she came to write it in the first place.  She also shares with us just how big the book is... 950 pages to be precise and weighs a staggering 2.8 pounds!

Check out the interview here:

And afterwards, why not dash to our website to order a copy for yourself:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

With Christmas just around the corner, I asked some of our authors to tell us who they would like to see around their dinner table this year.  The answers were very entertaining!

Jan Pippins:

Besides my parents (living), husband (living), husband's mom and brother (living) and husband's late father, it would be such fun to be with my grandparents (both sets, including the grandfather who was murdered before I was born), my Uncle Red the alcoholic ex-newspaperman, his bon vivant son/my cousin Pedro, my Aunt Vivian (who has been in a coma for four years), my cousins and their spouses and kids/grandkids and spouses, our daughter and son-in-law, my husband's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, spouses and kids and Henry Darrow and his wife would fit right in! Now THAT would be a gathering!

Jan is the co-author (with Henry Darrow) of:

  • HENRY DARROW: LIGHTNING IN THE BOTTLE by Jan Pippins and Henry Darrow

You can order the book from our website:

Sandra Grabman:

Without a doubt, it would be Roy's and my parents. They are all deceased now and probably having a fantastic time in Heaven, but what a wonderful Christmas present it would be to have them back just one more time so we can tell them how much we love them.

Sandra is the author of the following BearManor books:


You can order Sandra's books by visiting our website:

Mark Carlson:

No-brainer. Jimmy Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Laurel & Hardy, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and of course, Katherine Hepburn.

They would be the most scintillating, entertaining and educational group of actors and veterans who are 'real' not Hollywood types. They were innovators and hard working actors who gave all to their craft.
Laurel & Hardy's warm devotion to each other would provide the perfect Christmas spirit. Kate Hepburn and Bogart's outspoken personalities would be very entertaining, and Stewart was as real as Cagney.  Nice friendly folks, down to earth.  Lloyd and Keaton were innovators and I’d have a thousand questions for them.

With them I'd need to serve ham as there won't be any Hams at the table.

Of course my Mom and Dad would be there too, and of course Mom would want Clark Gable and Dad would want June Allyson

Mark is the author of:


You can order the book from our website:

Michelle Morgan (Me!):

Mine would be my grandparents. Back in the day we always had my nana for Christmas dinner and my gran and granda for Boxing day.  We have videos of our gatherings and we always had such a laugh, especially with my gran who would never understand the jokes from the crackers!  To get the entire family back together again would be so wonderful and I can guarantee there would be many laughs during the course of the day!

And just for fun I’d absolutely love to have Marilyn Monroe at the table too.  I really adore her and I know she never really had any fun or happy Christmases as a child and often as an adult too – no family gatherings to speak of and some Christmas days she spent alone.  I’d love to have her at the table to share our happiness and fun on the big day.

Michelle Morgan is the author of:

  • CAROLE LOMBARD: THE ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY which will be published by BearManor Media in 2013.

Don Krouskop:

My dad passed away 10 days before Christmas in 1984, so I'd have to say one more Christmas dinner with him would be my first choice.  As for celebrities, I'd probably ask Peter Cushing, Ann-Margret, and all of the actors who've played the Doctor in the TV series DOCTOR WHO.  Cushing was a man of such class and charm, and the chance to pick his brain about everything from Hammer horror films to STAR WARS to the Doctor Who movies would be impossible to resist.  As the author of a Doctor Who trivia book (Plug!), I certainly couldn't pass up a chance to get all eleven TV Doctors together in one place.  As for Ann-Margret... well, she's Ann-Margret.  What can I say?

Don Krouskop is the author of:


You can order the book from our website:

David Pierce:

Of course, I would love to have Christmas dinner with Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Dick Sargent, and the rest of the cast of Bewitched that has gone on. Agnes used to throw THE Christmas parties of the season, so I would hope it would be at her house:)

David Pierce is the author of:


You can order the book from our website:

Linda J Alexander:

With it logically understood any of us would adore having loved ones back in any capacity ... I'd have Christmas dinner with Robert Taylor (my 1st bio), Jack Kelly (my 2nd), & Allan "Rocky" Lane (my upcoming).  Heck, I talk to these guys all the time in my head.  Would LOVE a chance to do so over the Christmas ham, & have all 3 of them together with me at 1 table, in 1 room, no less. What a HOOT!

Linda J Alexander is the author of:


You can order the book from our website:

Kit Lively:

I'd like to simply see my family around the same table this Christmas.   Well, actually, I will see that, but it will be from outside the dining room window, lurking in the bushes and gazing wistfully upon the holiday merriment.   I guess what I really wish is that they don't notice me out there and call the cops just like every other year.

Kit Lively is the author of:


You can order the book from our website:

Leonard Zane:

My Christmas dinner table choice would be Sergei Rachmaninoff, about whom I spent 11 years researching and writing an original screenplay.

Leonard Zane is the author of:


You can order the book from our website:

Fred Frees

Other than my parents, I'd love to have dinner with Jimi Hendrix.  I always wanted to meet him. It would have been great to have him play some music in person.

Fred Frees is the voice of:


 And many more.

Check them out at your website:

Monday, December 10, 2012

Book of the Week - Another Fine Mess

This week's featured book is 'Another Fine Mess: The Laurel and Hardy Story' by Raymond Valinoti Jr.

Arguably the greatest comedy duo in show business history, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy delighted filmgoers and theatregoers for over thirty years. The public not only found Laurel's serene simpleton and Hardy's pompous buffoon hilarious, but they also thought of them as friends. Laurel and Hardy may have been nitwits, but they were loveable nitwits.

Another Nice Mess: The Laurel and Hardy Story explores the lives and careers of Laurel and Hardy. The book examines how the comedians teamed up and it explains why, half a century after their deaths, their films continue to enchant people all over the world.

Raymond Valinoti, Jr.. is a resident of Berkeley Heights, NJ. He has a Master's in Library Science from Rutgers University and is a freelance researcher. His articles on film have been published in the magazines Midnight Marquee and Films of the Golden Age. He also writes film reviews for an online news publication, The Alternative Press.

To order the book, please visit our website:

Friday, December 7, 2012


Did you know that we have a FaceBook page for all readers and fans of good books?  It's a great way to stay in touch between newsletters, so why not pop along and 'like' our page today!

Here is the link:

And don't forget about our Pinterest page too.  It's slowly but surely growing, so check it out here:

Hope to see you there!!

Golden Goddesses

Jill Nelson has written a great blog about her experience with the release of her book, 'Golden Goddesses.'

Here is a little bit of the introduction to the piece which explains the way the book was written and researched:

"Writing this book has been a once in a lifetime experience. Given the subject matter, some might have believed when I set out that I'd saddled myself with a monster of a project most writers (and readers) wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot pole. After all, this book is not about a woman's fantasy sexual exploit akin to the likes of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by novelist E. L. James. Rather, Golden Goddesses is about truth and heartache, strength, humour and acceptance. It is a book about women and it is reality. Like most good ideas, "Goddesses" ignited with a flame and it expanded. Once the seedling was planted, the process seemed to take on steam and a natural course of events. In other words, it felt right. The ladies, all twenty-five, have supported me along the way like any sisters might, by being frank and honest and funny and open and kind. Collectively, they sent and approved photos, proofed their interview transcripts, shared ideas, offered suggestions, discussed their films, wrote poetry, tolerated my amateur photography skills, exchanged emails, returned telephone calls, and one of them even designed the book's front cover. And as if that isn't enough, they helped me launch the book about their lives, by joining me in Los Angeles over two nights to share in the celebration. Some of the women traveled from Northern California and from Colorado to be there which really touched me. This experience has been an exhilarating and emotional journey, which finally culminated in the extraordinary events of the past week."

To read the full blog -which comes complete with some fabulous photographs of the Hollywood launch, please go to Jill's blog:

And to buy a copy of this hugely successful book, please visit our website:

Save the Date!

Linda J Alexander, author of 'A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story' will be appearing at the Huntingdon Beach (CA) Friends of the Library Luncheon on Saturday 26 January 2013, at noon.  Tickets are $20 and reservations must be made by 18 January.  Also at the event will be Jo Kelly, Jack Kelly's widow, and his long-time girlfriend.  Linda will be talking about the book and because seating is limited, we would recommend you reserve your tickets as soon as possible.

Checks can be sent to: Huntingdon Beach Library, FOTL Programs, 7111 Talbert Avenue, Huntingdon Beach, CA 92648 or pop along to the FOTL Gift Shop (Central Library/Main Floor) to sign up.

You can also visit their website:

And if you are unable to make the event but would like a copy of Linda's extraordinary book, please visit our website:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forthcoming Book - Koop Kooper's Cocktail Nation

BearManor Media proudly announces the release of Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation book.

Koop Kooper, the Cocktail universe’s high priest of all things hep, swinging, and swank, and cyber disc-jockey of his radio show, “The Cocktail Nation,” has unleashed the definitive guide to the Lounge universe. Replete with gassin interviews and cool pixeramas, he reveals the incredible diorama of Cocktail culture, lifestyle, and music. Koop mixes it up with cool luminaries and pioneers of the Cocktail soundtrack, such as hepster Jack Constanzo, the bongo player of the 1950s, shakes a martini with the leaders of the revival Combustible Edison, trades smart lip with comedian satirist Shelley Berman and 21st century hit-makers Martini Kings, heads down the dark streets of Cocktail noir, muscling it up with croonoir Jimmy Vargas, then it’s off to the Vegas pool, where he conducts an underwater interview with gorgeous fire-eating mermaid Marina. Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation book is a glorious panorama of all things Lounge, created by the swank meister of uber cool himself.

This book will be available from our website very soon.

The Hollywood Canteen

There will be a special "Canteen" event at the world famous Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday, December 15th at 2:OO PM.

In addition to signing their book, "The Hollywood Canteen: Where the  Greatest Generation Danced With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World," co-authors Lisa Mitchell and Bruce Torrence will talk about the Canteen and Bruce will present a great slide show of photos of such Golden Age stars as Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth and Bob Hope from this unique, celebrity-staffed WWII nightclub for servicemen.  There  will also be a screening of the wonderful 1944 Warner Bros. movie, "Hollywood Canteen," starring Joan Leslie (who wrote the foreword to the book).

This is sure to be an extraordinary occasion and well worth going.  However, if you are unable to attend but would still like a copy of the book, you can order from our website:

And from Bruce Torrence's amazing Hollywood Photographs site too:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Forthcoming book - Forgotten Laughs

BearManor Media proudly announces the forthcoming release of Forgotten Laughs, by Richard Irvin.

Ever wonder what the un-aired episodes of situation comedies that disappeared quickly from the air were about? Curious about those comedy series such as Rewind, The Grubbs, and The Ortegas that the Fox network announced for its fall schedule but that never premièred?  Did you know that stars like Bradley Cooper, Michelle Williams, and Brad Pitt made some of their earliest appearances on short-lived sitcoms?

Forgotten Laughs: An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw, contains answers to these questions as well as others about quickly-canceled, never-aired, and short-run situation comedies.  Published for the first time are episode descriptions for these forgotten shows. This reference book contains the most complete descriptions of sitcoms such as the quickly-canceled Doc Corkle, Co-Ed Fever, and Black Tie Affair, the never-aired Misconceptions, The Singles Table, and Snip, as well as short-run comedies like Fathers and Sons and Free Country, as well as over 140 more. Most episode descriptions were culled from the archives of the Library of Congress, the Paley Center, and the UCLA TV script collection. In addition, Forgotten Laughs also includes insights from many producers, directors, and writers who worked on these little-known shows.

About the Author
A life-long fan of situation comedies, Richard Irvin has a Master's degree in Sociology from The Ohio State University where he took courses in Mass Communications.  He has researched TV comedies at the Library of Congress, USC, and UCLA.

This book will soon be ready to order from our website.

The Bewitched History Book

David Pierce's book, 'The Bewitched History Book' has been mentioned in this month's issue of 'SCI FI' magazine.  We are thrilled about this, and if you'd like to see a copy of the magazine, it is available in North America until February 26 and can be found most anywhere major magazines and books are sold (Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Books-A-Million, comic book stores, etc.).

And once you have read the article, pop on over to our website and buy a copy of the book.  You won't regret it!!

You can order the book here:

Ida Lupino: Beyond the Camera

Mary Ann Anderson was recently interviewed by Sara Freeman from The Celluloid Angel website.  Describing Mary's book, 'Ida Lupino: Beyond the Camera' as "one of the best memoirs I've ever read," Sara  asks Mary about the writing of the book, her friendship with Ida Lupino and much more.

Here is a small snippet of the interview, where Sara asks what Ida's hopes were for future filmmakers:

"Ida wanted to see more women in filmmaking - she would be pleased that there are more woman directors today but would not like the subject matter of most films of today. If Ida was still here she would like Lifetime short films dealing with conflicts of women!"

The full interview can be read on The Celluloid Angel website:

You can order 'Ida Lupino: Beyond the Camera' from our website:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Forthcoming Book - Beyond Dead End

BearManor Media proudly announces the forthcoming release of Beyond Dead End: The Solo Careers of the Dead End Kids, by Joseph Fusco.

No one exemplifies the angst of the Depression era street kid more than The Dead End Kids. They were the stars of Sidney Kingsley’s 1935 play, Dead End and reprised their roles in Samuel Goldwyn’s 1937 Hollywood film version. The movie defined the theme of slum dramas for the juvenile rebellion films of subsequent decades.

The Dead End Kids were Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Gabriel Dell and Bernard Punsly. The best of their films were the gangster movies where the boys collided with the likes of Humphrey Bogart in Dead End and Crime School, James Cagney in Angels with Dirty Faces and John Garfield in They Made Me a Criminal. They bandied about lightweights like Ronald Reagan in lacklustre efforts like Hell’s Kitchen and Angels Wash Their Faces before being reformed by a military academy in On Dress Parade.
Their original reign was short lived, not because they ran out of steam but because they had to be toned down because of public criticism. It didn’t matter because The Dead End Kids mutated into several splinter groups that starred in various configurations of the original members for the next quarter century, carving out a unique niche in motion picture history.

One of the uncharted tributaries of this history is the solo careers of the actors who played the Dead End Kids. There were careers of mixed blessings after the initial stardom and each member faced and dealt with the typecasting dilemma in different ways and various degrees of success. There was plenty of heartbreak and disappointment along a way that started with Dead End in 1935 and ended with Dr. Bernard Punsly’s death in 2004.

Beyond Dead End: The Solo Careers of The Dead End Kids chronicles a saga of mixed blessings where each member faced and dealt with the typecasting dilemma in different ways and various degrees of success.

ISBN: 1-59393-215-4    Format:  Softcover; 6” x 9”; 386 pages     Price: $24.95
Available also through Ingram and

About the Author:
Joe Fusco wears many hats—hotel chef, science/technology/martial arts/Tai Chi student, novelist, and poet. His goal in writing film books is to preserve the memories of some of the lesser luminaries of film and television. Too, he says, “it is also an excuse to watch a lot of great old movies and television shows that most people don't know anything about.”

This book will be available from our website very soon.

Golden Goddesses - the cake!

Jill Nelson enjoyed a very successful book celebration recently at the Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood.  We hope to bring you more news about the evening soon, but in the meantime, what do you think about this gorgeous cake?  Isn't it terrific?!

It was designed and made by Cake and Art on Santa Monica Blvd and I am sure you'll agree that they did a wonderful job.  If you'd like to order your own fabulous cake, here is their website:

And to order a copy of 'Golden Goddesses' please visit our website:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Author of the Week - David Lewis Hammarstrom

We are really pleased to feature David Lewis Hammarstrom as our Author of the Week this time!

1) What is your background and why did you decide to become a writer?

I was not born in a trunk - but almost on a roller coaster.  First, though, to the cinema: My Great Uncle, Eugene B Lewis (on my mother's side,) scripted scenarios in Hollywood during the silent days, working with, among others, director John Ford and actor Harry Carey on their westerns.  At one time, he supervised Universal's 27-writer story department.  His brother, my grandfather, was a frustrated actor who toured, not acting with stock companies.

Now to my father's side and the Big Dipper roller coaster at San Francisco's Playland-at-the-Beach, directly across the street from a brick house in golden Gate Park where I was raised.  The Dipper was managed by my Uncle Smity.  My grandfather, Carl August Heliodor Hammastrom, was a well reviewed painter whose work now appears on auction web sites.  So, under their collective spell, I took my creative cues.  I gave touring puppet shows at grammar school, wrote songs and skits for church productions, penned my first circus review, published in a national fans magazine at age 14.  Later, Variety's editor, Abel Green, invited me to contribute.  That break led to 'Behind the Big Top,' the first of my five books on circus, and later to a couple of tomes about musical theatre (written under David H Lewis.)

I'm now at work, collaborating with a New York composer, Carl Danielsen, on the book and lyrics for a musical suggested by a 1905 novel that was adapted into the silent film, 'Haunting Shadows,' by my great uncle, in 1919.  In my late teens I wanted to be a commercial artist, but a kindly junior college instructor put the idea in my mind that I could be a writer.

David, a few years after first getting published

2) What book have you written for BearManor, and what is it about?

'Inside the Changing Circus: A Critic's Guide.'  Facing the revolutionary challenges posed by Cirque du Soleil, this book describes how circuses are scouted, produced, directed and promoted, at the same time exploring the ever-changing nature of circus art, from ancient times to the present and, in speculation, beyond.

3) Why did you choose that particular subject?

My lifelong passions, as previously detailed.  I tell friends, "give me poetry, not biology."

David, left, with Alexi Sonin, long-time director of the St. Petersburg Circus, during intermission, 1979.

4) How long did it take you to write the book, and did you find it an easy task?

Usually, a non-fiction book takes me around six months for research (I likely already have a mass of information on hand), maybe another three or four months for interviewing, if that I do, and then to write it, I'd say between six and nine months.  I go through at least three individually typed drafts, and then from there onto word processing, where fine-tuning (or page slashing) is more easily done.

5) What can we expect to find in your book?

Comprehensive honesty.  Candor.  No ties to any veiled sources.  A willingness to face and deal with everything I dig up during research, no matter how much any of it may disagree with my own views.

6) What would you say is the most interesting thing about being a writer?

Creating something that never before existed.  What challenges and still fascinates me the most is structure, working from rough to refined.  How to delineate chapters, how to line them up in such a way as to create overall a sense of narrative progression.  Sometimes, I think I get it about right.  Other times, I don't.  I still feel like a writer trying to be a writer.

7) Do you have a website, blog etc, where readers can find you?

My blog is:

This I approach more as a hobby, when I have the time to post, than an effort to build up as big an audience as I can.  I have fun going at my own pace.

David at the ERA Intersection of Time, Shanghai, 2010.  David says: "To my left is my Chinese-born friend Boyi Yuan, without whom, I could never have made the trip."

8) Is there anything else you'd like to add?

From jelly to chips: I began, at age 10, publishing my Neighbourhood News on a gelatin-based hectograph machine.  All the years later, BearManor's great people, led by Ben in Tokyo, Sandy in Duncan, Michelle in Bonny England - pulled me easily into the digital age, via PDF, etc.  Only twice have we used snail mail: first, for the contract, and then to get a flash drive of photos to designer Brian Pierce, who turned out a terrific cover that helped the book grab early attention.  It's been a learning breeze.


I would like to say a huge thank you to David for agreeing to be our Author of the Week.  It's been fascinating!!

You can order David's wonderful book from our website:

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book of the Week - Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad

This week's featured book is 'Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad' by Brian Scott Mednick.

Ever since his big screen breakthrough as phobia ridden accountant Leo Bloom in The Producers, Gene Wilder has been one of America's most beloved comic actors. For five decades, Wilder has entertained audiences in some of the funniest films ever made, including Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and Stir Crazy.

Brian Scott Mednick's fascinating new biography Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad reveals a very serious and private side to Wilder that audiences don't get to see. The book traces Wilder's humble beginnings in 1930s Milwaukee as a shy child who learned early on that being funny got him attention.

"Gene Wilder is one of the great comic actors of the last half-century - and he is also a fascinating figure off screen. Brian Scott Mednick has done a four-star job of capturing his life and times."
- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

You can order the book from our website: