Monday, July 30, 2012

David Del Valle

The fabulous David Del Valle has recently taken part in a podcast, talking about his book, 'Lost Horizons Beneath the Hollywood Sign.'  You can listen to it here:

David also did a book signing recently at Books Inc in San Francisco.  Here he is at the event, along with his wonderful books....

David's books are available from our website:

Lost Horizons Beneath the Hollywood Sign:

Six Reels Under:

New Book - No Traveler Returns

We have recently published 'No Traveler Returns: The Lost Years of Bela Lugosi' by Gary D. Rhodes and Bill Kaffenberger.  Here are just some of the great things people are saying about the new book:

“Gary Rhodes and Bill Kaffenberger have added the final chapter to Bela Lugosi’s career, combining fascinating unknown details of his film and stage activities with post-WWII film history. Superbly researched and written as an engrossing story of an actor’s struggle against professional decline. A must-read!”
– Robert Cremer, author of Lugosi: The Man Behind the Cape (Henry Regnery, 1976).

“Gary Rhodes represents that elusive Gold Standard in narrative research into the full depth and breadth of Bela Lugosi’s complicated career. Rhodes’ devotion to the banishment of myth, and to its replacement with frank and humanizing truth, has provided a wealth of historical storytelling that, in turn, renders the actor’s known body of work all the more fascinating and comprehensible. Just when I catch myself believing I know all there is to be known about Lugosi — along comes Gary Rhodes and Bill Kaffenberger with a fresh brace of revelations. The process advances immeasurably in No Traveler Returns: The Lost Years of Bela Lugosi.”
– Michael H. Price, co-author of the Forgotten Horrors series.

In No Traveler Returns, Bela Lugosi scholar extraordinaire Gary D. Rhodes and Bill Kaffenberger provide a fascinating time travel journey back to the late 1940s/early 1950s, when Lugosi – largely out of favor in Hollywood – embarked on a Gypsy-like existence of vaudeville, summer stock, and magic shows. While many historians have considered this era a limbo in Lugosi’s career, with precious few facts unearthed, Rhodes and Kaffenberger take the reader along for a wide-eyed ride as Bela performs in a nightclub so notorious that armed guards keep watch on the roof, dresses as Dracula in a magic show where he and a gorilla (a man in a suit) play football with the guillotined head of a woman (a dummy), and races from one stock engagement to another without ever missing a cue. Never in his American career was Bela so busy, and never did his light shine so brightly as he valiantly troupes to support his family, dominate age and illness, and please his audiences. It’s a fastidiously researched education in the show business world of the time – and a stirring tribute to the charm, brilliance and inexhaustible professionalism of the star who was Dracula.
– Gregory William Mank, author of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration (McFarland, 2009).

To order a copy of the book, please visit our website:

Suzanne Sumner Ferry

We recently caught up with Suzanne Sumner Ferry, author of the BearManor book, 'The Day the Stars Stood Still,' which is a career memoir of wax artist Logan Fleming.  She has been extremely busy recently, and shared some of her news with us:

BM:  We hear that you are going to be a part of the Marilyn Monroe celebrations in Los Angeles this year.  Can you tell us a little about that?

SSF:  Yes I’m going to the Immortal Marilyn/Fox Studio tour and luncheon, and I’ll speak about my friend Ida's experiences with Marilyn, share my photos and also talk about Logan’s book and how he made Marilyn’s wax figure.  This all takes place on August 4th at the Fox Studio lot. 

BM:  Wow!  That sounds very exciting!  Can you tell us what else is coming up for you?

SSF:  I’m going to Cinecon 48 in Hollywood at the Renaissance Hotel to sell my books on Thursday August 30th  from 3-6pm, and Saturday Sept. 1st during the lunch hour.  Then on Sunday August 26th I will be at Vroman's book store, signing books from 4 pm.  I'm also doing a book signing on Friday, September 7th at Roy Robbins Gifts in Long Beach   from 6pm-9pm.


As you can see, Suzanne is coming up to a very busy period with her book promotion, and everyone at BearManor wishes her well and looks forward to reporting on how everything goes, very soon.

In the meantime, if you'd like to order a copy of Suzanne's excellent book, you can visit our website:

Little Elf

'Little Elf: A Celebration of Harry Langdon' by Chuck Harter and Michael J. Hayde has received a fabulous review at Mondo Cult.

Reviewer Brad Linaweaver says, "You can hear the laughter flowing through the book. Langdon's comic timing was about taking enough time to figure out a situation. The reader should do the same, and not rush through these wonderful pages."

We couldn't agree more!  

Please check out the full review here:

And you can order a copy of the book here:

We are also happy to say that Celebrity Cafe is currently running a competition to win copies of Little Elf.  You can enter by clicking here:

Monday, July 23, 2012

e-Book Sales Extravaganza!!

For a limited time only, we have reduced the price on 20 of our books for Kindle! They are:

For 99 cents:

1. Archives of the Airwaves 7
2. Another Fine Mess: Laurel and Hardy
3. A Woman to Die For
4. Lights, Camera, Trivia
5. The Final Radio Plays of Norman Corwin
6. Bill Idelson's Writing Class
7. Gems from the Twilight Zone Vol. 1
8. Gems from the Twilight Zone Vol. 2
9. The Raven
10. Perverse Verse by June Foray

For $2.99:

1. Hardcastle and McCormick
2. Honey West
3. Agnes Moorehead
4. Godspell
5. Tales from the Script
6. John Agar
7. Private Eyelashes
8. Stronger Than Spinach: Popeye
9. Gary Burgoff's autobiography
10. Alan Reed's autobiography

These prices will be in effect until the last day of August. The usual price is $9.95.

Please visit to place your order.  Thank you!

Book of the Week - How to Succeed in Hollywood

Our Book of the Week this time is 'How to Succeed in Hollywood Without Really Trying by Melville Shavelson.  Here is some information from our website:

Mel Shavelson is one of Hollywood's triple-threat Writer-Director-Producers, and a two-time Academy Award Nominee for his original screenplays, which he also directed. He served three terms as President of the Writers Guild of America, West, and is the recipient of its highest honor, the Laurel Award for Screen Writing.

He has written, alone or in collaboration, over thirty-five feature motion pictures, directed twelve of them, and created for television two Emmy Award-winning series.

He is the author of two novels and four works of non-fiction, including the NY Times best-seller, Don't Shoot, It's Only Me, this last in collaboration with Bob Hope.

Among the stars he has directed in feature films are - in alphabetical order, please! - Lucille Ball, Yul Brynner, James Cagney, Vittorio De Sica, Angie Dickinson, Kirk Douglas, Robert Duvall, Henry Fonda, Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Barbara Harris, Charlton Heston, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Jack Lemmon, Sophia Loren, Paul Newman, Lee Remick, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Joanne Woodward.

Among the films he both wrote and directed are Houseboat, The Seven Little Foys, The Five Pennies, It Started in Naples, On the Double, A New Kind of Love, Cast a Giant Shadow, The War Between Men and Women, and Yours, Mine and Ours.

Recently he served on the faculty of USC's Master of Professional Writing Program.

He has often said, "There are a lot of good things about growing older - and I wish I could remember what they were."

To order a copy of the book, please visit our website:

Author of the Week - Ben Ohmart

We are really excited that this week's Author of the Week is our very own Ben Ohmart; the man behind our wonderful publishing house, BearManor.  We hope you enjoy the interview!

1) What is your background and why did you decide to become a writer?

Perhaps my lifestyle adapted me: the solitary spirit. Plus, I love comedy, so I started thinking it up and writing it down.  A trait I still have to this day, in about 14 different notebooks spread throughout the house.  About 10 years ago I was paid pretty well for thinking up comedy bits that were bought by Rick Dees' company. I wrote plays, poems, screenplays, all the stuff that wouldn't sell.  Then I got into writing about people more famous than me and that's the stuff people wanted to buy!
2) What books have you written for BearManor, and what are they about?

I'm a sucker for voice actors. I've done books on Walter Tetley (my choice for Person You'd Most Like to Meet, whenever I'm asked that), Paul Frees, Daws Butler, Don Ameche, the Bickersons, Judy Canova, Philip Rapp (creator of the Bickersons) and the coming Mel Blanc book.  Oh, and Frances Langford after that.
3) Why did you choose those particular subjects?

I think voice actors are magicians.  They stand there and become different people instantly.  If I wasn't so shy, I'd love to do that for a living myself.  Though I'm told it's hard to get voice jobs today, with all the celebrities taking so many.  Voice actors of old were given more to do.  I admire what they did.
4) How long did it take you to write them, and did you find it an easy task?

When I first got into non-fiction, I went at it hard and fast!  It took me 2 years to collect everything, but then I wrote, I think, 6 books in the space of 4 months, once all the interviews were done. Staying up late, working all the hours I had.  Basically what Martin Grams STILL does.
5) What can we expect to find in your books?

A love for the subjects.  Things never covered.  Uncovered facts, like Paul Frees' real cause of death.  The best compliment I ever got was from Fred, son of Paul Frees, after he read my first draft of the book on his dad.  That makes it all worth the hours and hours.
6) What would you say is the most interesting thing about being a writer?

It's like playing golf.  It's all up to you.  You have to really want it and spend time on it.  I don't write for money.  It's great to be able to remind the public at large who the old stars are and how great they were. Especially all the unsung supporting players, which I love right up there with voice actors!
7) Do you have a website, blog etc, where readers can find you?

Not a personal one, beyond my company, But you're welcome to say Hello on Facebook. I try to get on there daily.
8) Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'd like to thank everyone for all the encouragement and support over these last 11 years. People who love reading and old movies are the best people created.

And thank you too Ben!!  I'm sure everyone will agree that it's terrific to find out how BearManor's creator undertakes his busy writing career as well as running the company.

If you would like to check out Ben's vast array of books, please click here:

The BearManor Awards

You have just over a week to cast your votes for the BearManor awards!  If you haven't already done  so, please pop along to our website to cast your vote:

However, if you have already voted, please, please refrain from voting again, as all duplicates are deleted and absolutely will not be counted.

Thank you!!

New Book - Invasion of the Body Snatchers

We have recently published a book entitled 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers: The Making of a Classic' by Mark Thomas McGee.

Here is some information from our website:

“They’re here already!
“You’re next!”

These were the last words spoken by Kevin McCarthy in the 1956 classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He was looking right into the camera when he said it to an audience caught in the grip of Cold War paranoia. Studio executives forced director Don Siegel to shoot a new, less alarming ending. In spite of their tampering, this film remains one of the most terrifying and closely dissected motion pictures ever made, inspiring contradictory readings from both ends of the political spectrum.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: The Making of a Classic, by Mark Thomas McGee, is the result of a film fan’s obsession. In short, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Invasion of the Body Snatchers — the battles with the censors and the front office, the deleted sequences, the addresses of the locations, and much, much more.

To order a copy of the book, please visit our website:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Book

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of publishing 'Eagle Down: The Unproduced Screenplay' by Ib Melchior.

Here is a synopses of what the book is about:

A test pilot, veteran of Desert Storm, crashes while testing a top secret military device. His injuries rob him of his memory, reducing him to the level of an animal — but an animal with the intelligence and reasoning power of a man, and the fear and desperation of a hunted beast.

He leads the men who would save him on a fantastic chase through the desolate and hostile country of Death Valley, pitting animal instinct against sophisticated technology.

If you like the sound of Ib's screenplay, please order it from our website:

And to see our complete selection of Ib Melchior books and screenplays, please click here:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Author of the Week - Charles Tranberg

A big thank you to Charles Tranberg, for answering our 'Author of the Week' questions!!

1)   What is your background and why did you decide to become a writer?
I always wanted to write a book.  I had from the time I was a child read biographies and histories and I had a special feeling-a love of—classic Hollywood and the great stars of the studio era.  Even as a child I enjoyed watching the old black and white films.  I remember when I grew up living in LA there would be all kinds of old films on local stations and I loved watching them.  Eventually when I moved to Madison, Wisconsin and my interest in history took me to visit the Wisconsin State Historical Society I discovered, by chance, that they held 159 boxes of materials belonging to Agnes Moorehead, the great character actress of films, radio, and TV—best known for ‘Endora’ on Bewitched.  I began looking at the material and found scripts, memos, letters, awards, clippings, scrapbooks—you name it—and I decided, ‘I’m going to write a book about her.’  And I did. 

2)   What books have you written for BearManor, and what is it about?
My book on Agnes Moorehead, I Love the Illusion, was my first book and that came out in 2005.  I followed that up with biographies of Marie Wilson, Fred MacMurray, The Thin Man Films, Robert Taylor and my latest a book titled Recollections of the Disney Studios which features several interviews with people connected with Disney live-action films from approximately 1955 until 1980—what I think is the golden age of the Disney live-action film.    

Why I choose these subjects?  I think with regards to Moorehead and MacMurray (and the current book I’m working on, Fredric March), they had Wisconsin roots—and I live in Wisconsin.  Moorehead was also a premier character actress.  MacMurray, I felt, like Robert Taylor, never got his due as an actor despite years of stardom and terrific performances in many wonderful films.  Marie Wilson was a radio star with My Friend Irma and I thought she had an interesting story about how she basically created her ‘dumb blonde’ persona.  As for The Thin Man films, what can I say?  I love them and the chemistry between Powell and Loy is the best.  I wanted to write about them. 

3)   How do you choose a particular subject?
In Moorehead’s case I really enjoyed her TV show Bewitched and knew of her work in films and radio and, so, I thought she would be a compelling subject.  The fact that I had so much material at my disposal to work with made it even more delicious.  Fred MacMurray and Robert Taylor both were selected because I felt they were better actors than they got credited for.  They were also incredibly durable.  MacMurray became a star with his first film and stayed a top star for over forty years in both films and TV.  Taylor also had incredible longevity.  In Fred’s case, too, there had never been a book on him.  I thought he deserved one—same with Marie Wilson.

4)   How long does it take you to write it, and did you find it an easy task?
My favorite part of the process is the research.  And that can take a while especially if you don’t have a lot of material at hand.  I would say most of the books take a year and a half to two years.  Agnes probably longer—because I had 159 boxes to go thru and with my day job the only day I could really get to the library was on Saturday.  The research is so interesting and I love discovering new information when going thru papers.  I hope I bring that excitement to the written page.

5)   What can we expect to find in your books?
When working on the biographies I like to present that person’s life from cradle to grave.  In the cases of Agnes, Fred and Bob Taylor I was even able to interview childhood friends, which given their ages was difficult to find—and it’s going to get harder as the years go by.  I like to present where they came from and how they attained what they did.  I like to include as many interviews as possible with people they knew and worked with.  What you will not find in my books is dirt.  Some of the best reviews I’ve gotten from readers and others are that I’ve somehow taken a life like Fred MacMurray’s and written an interesting book about a man who led a pretty straight laced private life.  I don’t overlook flaws, and my subjects are human and have foibles like all of us but I’m not out there writing about who he or she went to bed with.  To me that is not overly interesting. 

6)   What would you say is the most interesting thing about being a writer?
As I mentioned what interests me most is the research and discovery.  I enjoy writing it, too. But it doesn’t come as easy.  Then I enjoy, afterwards, hearing from folks who enjoyed the books and inevitably I find people who knew my subject who give me new information! Which hopefully I can use in a later edition. 

7)   Do you have a website, blog etc, where readers can find you?
My website is actually my Facebook page.  I have a facebook page called ‘Charles Tranberg, Author’ and usually each day we pay tribute to (mainly) classic Hollywood figures on their birthdays.  It’s a pretty active page and has a lot of fans who share my interest in classic films, TV and radio. 

8)   Is there anything else you'd like to add? 
I just hope that when people get finished reading one of my books they have a greater appreciation for the person I’m writing about and respect for the work they did.  All of these subjects, I think, deserve that, and I hope I’m doing my best to make sure that happens.

Thank you Charles for such an inspiring interview.  I hope that all readers will now pop over to our website to check out Charles' impressive BearManor collection of books:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Bewitched History Book

We were really pleased this week to see a lovely article in The Salt Lake Tribune, about our very own David Pierce, and his wonderful book, 'The Bewitched History Book.'

In the article, David explains why he fell in love with the programme:

"I’ve watched the show since I was little," Pierce said. "I’d come home from kindergarten and my mom was watching it, so I’d watch with her. I loved the magic that was happening and I really loved Elizabeth Montgomery. I thought she was one of the most beautiful women who’s ever been on TV."

You can read the entire article here:

And you can order a copy of David's book from our website:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Book of the Week - Jean Seberg

This time we have two Books of the Week; both of which are amazing looks at the life of Jean Seberg.

The first is 'Jean Seberg - Breathless' by Garry McGee.

She was from a large town in Iowa and became the darling of Paris. She alternated between small European films and big Hollywood movies, on the way helping Jean-Luc Godard to shape contemporary cinema. She moved between the worlds of show business and politics, from private and state dinners with leaders to clandestine activities supporting groups and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic. She was a unique person ahead of her time.

Jean Seberg - Breathless tells the story of the woman who, after a disastrous film debut in Saint Joan, became both acclaimed international actress (Lilith, Dead of Summer) and popular star (Paint Your Wagon, Airport). It also tells of the FBI's campaign to "neutralize" Seberg, and the still unsolved mystery of her death in 1979 at the age of 40.

Featuring exclusive interviews with family, friends and acquaintances, Jean Seberg - Breathless includes personal letters and obscure quotes from the subject, and more than sixty rare photographs.

Iowa-born Garry McGee is a documentary filmmaker and author. Jean Seberg - Breathless is his fourth book.

You can order a copy of the book from our website:

The next book is 'Neutralized: the FBI vs. Jean Seberg, a story of the 60s Civil Rights Movement' by Jean Russell Larson and Garry MGee.

The first detailed compilation of the FBI's campaign against international actress and champion of civil rights Jean Seberg. "Neutralized: the FBI vs. Jean Seberg" includes Seberg's released FBI file, interviews with family, friends, former FBI agents, those who played a part in the FBI's program, and the bureau's role in using the mass media to destroy Seberg's standing in the public's eyes.

You can order a copy of the book by visiting our website:

And check out the video below, which is a very interesting  interview with Jean:

Conversations at Warp Speed

BearManor Media proudly announces the release of its new book, Conversations at Warp Speed, by Anthony Wynn.

Conversations at Warp Speed features insightful interviews with actors who were there at the inception of the original Star Trek television series (Grace Lee Whitney, George Takei, and James Doohan). They share their memories of the science fiction phenomenon and are joined by additional performers who appeared in later series and film incarnations (Robin Curtis, Nick Tate, Bibi Besch, Armin Shimerman, and Kitty Swink), as well as producer-writer Eric A. Stillwell (“Yesterday’s Enterprise”), and the creator of Star Trek himself—Gene Roddenberry. 

A number of the conversations more deeply examine the careers, backgrounds, and other notable work of the performers and professionals—both prior to and following their work on the iconic series and films. Conversations at Warp Speed also features the final interview with actor Paul Carr, plus bonus conversations with Corinne Orr (Speed Racer) and Gretchen Corbett (Otherworld).

ISBN: 1-59393-289-8              Format:  Softcover; 6” x 9”; 254 pages
Price: $19.95                           

About the Author
Anthony Wynn is author of the stage play Bernard and Bosie: A Most Unlikely Friendship, based on correspondence between George Bernard Shaw and Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas. He is co-author of Remember with Advantages, the theatrical memoir of actor Barry Morse, and Valiant for Truth: Barry Morse and his Lifelong Association with Bernard Shaw.

Conversations at Warp Speed is available to order from our website:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Richard Yokley

Check out this great advert for 'The First Responders of Television' which was put together by author Richard Yokley.  I think you'll agree it is really eye-catching!

To order Richard's book, please visit our website:

The Whistler

As we told you several weeks ago, some of our authors have been putting together video trailers for their BearManor books.  With this in mind, we are happy to show you the latest video, this time for 'The Whistler: Stepping into the Shadows' by Dan Van Neste.  The video was put together by our very own Michael B Druxman, and I think you'll agree that it's absolutely wonderful.

You can watch the video below:

Friday, July 13, 2012

David Lewis Hammarstrom

We are extremely happy to say that our very own David Lewis Hammarstrom has hit the pages of the UK's Daily Mail newspaper.  This is very big news and we are very proud indeed.

The article focuses on the decline of the circus industry and mentions David's book, 'Inside the Changing Circus' on various occasions.

You can check out the feature here:

And you can order David's book here:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

David Del Valle Book Signing

We are thrilled to tell you that BearManor author David Del Valle will be signing copies of his book, 'Six Reels Under' on 20 July.  Please check out the poster below for more details.

If you can't make it to the signing  but would like to order a copy of the book, just pop along to our website:

Important Notice

We have an important notice for all those people who have received discount codes as a result of our BearManor Awards.

Apparently our website is feeling a little over-whelmed by everyone trying to use the codes, so for the time being, please email or telephone us if you would like to make a discounted order.  Here are the details:

Telephone: (580) 252-3547 (from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time.)             

Please have your discount code ready.  Thank you!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

David Pierce Book Signing

Everyone at BearManor wants to wish David Pierce a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the wonderful success of his recent book signing for The Bewitched History Book.

We caught up with David after the signing and he was happy to tell us the following:

"The book signing was a screaming success!  More than 3/4 of the people there were there for me and that really made me feel really happy:) And, I was asked to bring 10 copies to the signing and I left with none!!! King's English said they are going to order more of my books as there were people who had not got a copy:) THANK YOU to all of you who showed up! I'm so sorry if I didn't get to thank you personally, it was just a whirlwind of activity."

David signing books.

Look at the line to meet our wonderful author!

The sign outside the store

We are thrilled that it went so well, and wish David many, many more successful signings.  In the meantime, if you were one of the people who didn't manage to get a copy of the fabulous book, don't despair!  Just wiggle your nose and you will be taken straight to our website... And if wiggling your nose doesn't work, you can always click the link below!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book of the Week - Chicago Jazz and Then Some

Our Book of the Week this time is 'Chicago Jazz and Then Some' by Jean Porter Dmytryk.

Here is some information about the book, written by the author, Jean Porter Dmytryk:

Jess Stacy was the kindest, sweetest, most generous man to grace this Earth. It was my lucky day when I decided to buy a house in Laurel Canyon, and my husband felt the same. After years of living in Los Angeles and working the Hollywood studios, circumstances took us all over the world and we had sold our Bel Air home. Children gone, it was just the two of us. Lookout Mountain Avenue was the street we fell in love with, and the neighbors were a bonus! Jess and his darling wife, Patricia were our closest. Jess was a regular guest (their star) in all of the best and biggest jazz festivals. Eddie and I tagged along.

What a great part of our lives!

We celebrated Jess' 90th birthday together and we could see that he was losing strength... but he still have that twinkle in his eyes...'til the very end... and then some. Jean Porter Dmytryk

"The world of jazz has created a community all of its own. "Chicago Jazz and Then Some, as told by one of the original Chicagoans, Jess Stacy" looks into the history of Chicago Jazz through the eyes of Jess Stacy. Writer Jean Porter Dmytryk tells Stacy's stories of the old days of Jazz and gives readers an exciting and thought provoking history of the music's scene over the decades. "Chicago Jazz and Then Some" is a must for any Jazz fan or Chicago music fan." - Midwest Book Review

You can order the book from our website:

Henry Fonda

We are really pleased that 'Henry Fonda and The Deputy' by Glenn A Mosley has been reviewed on Henry's Western Round-up.

The book is the never-before-told story of Fonda and his first television series, The Deputy, including interviews with co-star Read Morgan and series co-creator Norman Lear, both of whom talk about the series for the first time.  It also includes interviews, newly published photographs, production details,
individual episode analysis, and a full episode guide.

To read the review at Henry's Western Round-up, please go to the website and scroll down:

And to order a copy of the fantastic book, please visit our website:

Little Elf

It was wonderful to see 'Little Elf' featured in the Council Bluffs Nonpareil this week.  The book, by Chuck Harter and Michael J Hayde is a wonderful tribute to Harry Langdon, and at 600 pages long with 500 photographs, it promises to be the most comprehensive account of Langdon's life and career ever published.

You can read the feature here:

And you can order the book from our website:

Jill Nelson

We are very proud to say that Jill Nelson has been interviewed for the Headpress website, about her BearManor book, 'John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches' (co-authored with Jennifer Sugar) and the upcoming 'Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women on Classic Erotic Cinema.'

The interview is a very insightful look into Jill's books and what she is planning in the future.  You can read the full interview here:

You can order 'John Holmes' from our website.  (Golden Goddesses will be available soon:)

New book - My Hollywood

Patsy Ruth Miller gives us a fascinating pictorial and written "insider's look of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Share in her stories about Nazimova, Valentino, Lon Chaney, Tom Mix, Clark Cable, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Barrymore, Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Gloria Swanson and many others.

She appeared in over 60 films and was best remembered for her role as Esmeralda in the 1923 movie, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

You can order a copy of the book by visiting our website:

New Book - Affectionately Jayne Mansfield

Affectionately, Jayne Mansfield tells the story of an actress who was known as America’s ‘Smartest Dumb Blonde’ and often dismissed as another Marilyn Monroe copycat.

Mansfield's blonde hair, seductive smile and eye-popping hourglass figure, often overshadowed the ‘real’ Jayne who spoke five languages and was a concert violist and pianist. Jayne’s story reads like a fairy tale, but one with a gloomy side and an unhappy end.

This book reveals her private life, film parts, stage plays and television appearances. Her 27 films and 6 plays are reviewed in detail and illustrated with (rare) photographs and other publicity material.

You can order a copy of the book from our website:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Author of the Week - Cheryl Jordan

Thank you to Cheryl Jordan, author of 'Our Gal Cal,' who has answered questions for our Author of the Week feature!

1)      What is your background and why did you decide to become a writer?
Having worked behind the scenes in little theatre, living with a couple of stage actors and a  producer, then later getting to know some pretty prolific Hollywood and Broadway actors, I marvel at all the information they’ve given me. I have no acting aspirations myself, but enjoyed listening to their experiences and watching them work as I do my “fly on the wall” imitation far behind the camera and backstage. I found most intriguing their anecdotes of off-camera goings on. I thought “How fun it would be to take all this information and put it into a Hollywood novel!” Then, well, I got carried away and one novel became a series of four, each picking up where the one before had left off. Same characters, but different stages of their lives.

2)      What book have you written for BearManor, and what is it about?
Originally, they were called Cal, Cal II, Cal III, and Nate. Hey, I lay awake nights coming up with those creative titles. LOL!  They were combined into one 610-page BearManor Fiction book and entitled Our Gal Cal. It opens when 15-year-old Cal (short for “Calamity,” so you can pretty well guess what kind of personality she has) is transported from her cozy life of privilege in Dallas to the soundstage of a teen Hollywood flick. She’s a product of the Bible Belt, and had been quite protected back home. Can you imagine what a shock Hollywood would be to such a girl? The first thing she discovers is “the Hollywood promise” – that is, a promise that’s made for expediency purposes and not kept. She learns about big egos, drugs, alcohol, rejection, dashed hopes, failed marriages - all the goodies Hollywood has to offer. In her corner, though, is Leonard Rhoads, who, while making a fine living acting, is also firmly grounded in reality. He allows Cal to experience what she needs to experience in order to grow up in this business, but he protects her from other aspects of the culture that would harm her. His warm, gentle wife Jill serves as her surrogate mother, and Cal adores her. With such a solid foundation at the Rhoads house, Cal enjoys appearing in movies and participating in a promotional tour, but television work is her favorite thing. Being faster-paced, it’s more exciting to her. Her horizons are broadened further when she’s dragged, kicking and screaming, to Broadway. Once oriented to that new world, though, she grows to embrace it. The four books together cover about 30 years of Cal’s life. She matures and blossoms in both her relationships and her career, finding ultimate fulfillment on page 610.

3)      Why did you choose that particular subject?
Because I can relate to both Cal and Leonard. I remember what it was like as a teen and how disillusioning real life was sometimes. I remember the extreme ups and downs of adolescence. Too, after having raised teenagers, I can fully understand Leonard’s stern thought processes. There’s a third very important character – Nate Jenkins. He’s the bad guy, but a very complex character that we learn more about as the story progresses. I don’t relate to him, so where did all his lines came from? Certainly not from the imagination of innocent moi.   :-)

4)      How long did it take you to write it, and did you find it an easy task?
It’s been in the back of my mind for years. My first attempt was quite clumsy, so I pushed that away and started over, writing it from a different perspective. Once I began in earnest, it was an adventure. Every time I sat down at the computer, I’d wonder what surprises would unfold in Cal’s life today. It practically seemed to write itself. Sometimes I was up typing away until 3:00 in the morning. I just couldn’t stop!

5)      What can we expect to find in your book?
In addition to a compelling story with subtle humor here and there, you’ll find Leonard teaching Cal how to act for a camera (she was accustomed to high-school plays), how to prepare for a role, how having a particular role affects an actor’s home life, what it’s like on the set, how actors feel about their fans, how those fans often behave, what it’s like to go on tour, and many other aspects of the biz of show.

6)      What would you say is the most interesting thing about being a writer?
Seeing how others react to my work. Some love it; some don’t.

7)      Do you have a website, blog etc, where readers can find you?
Sure do. It’s at Actually, its home page is, but it doesn’t get interesting until you see the comments.   :-)

8)      Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I wish I knew how to market this book to women who love to read. Any suggestions would be very welcomed. My e-mail address is

You can order Cheryl's book from our website:

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

David Pierce

David Pierce, author of the excellent ‘Bewitched History Book’ will be doing a book signing on 10th July in Salt Lake City.  Please see the banner for more details, or visit David’s FaceBook page:

And if you are unable to attend the book signing, don’t worry – you can still buy copies of the book from our website:

Book of the Week - A Jaws Companion

Because this is the 4th of July, our book of the Week is 'Just When You Thought it was Safe: A Jaws Companion by Patrick Jankiewicz, which was set on and around this date......

Did you used to hate the water, but can't imagine why? Do you feel a constant need for a bigger boat? Do you want the Mayor to close the beaches? If the answer is 'Yes' to these questions, you are a JAWS fanatic and JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE is the ultimate JAWS companion! Everything you need to know about the scariest movie ever made is in this book.

Learn the terrifying true story that inspired JAWS! Hear how such classic lines as "Smile, You sonnuva--" and "We need a bigger boat!" were created. Finally, a book about the entire JAWS series! Meet all the first shark's victims, discover behind-the-scenes facts and gossip on JAWS! Encounter those responsible for JAWS 2, JAWS 3-D and JAWS: THE REVENGE! Find out about the aborted JAWS sequel, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S JAWS 3 PEOPLE 0 and which JAWS sequel was supposed to start with the shark eating Chief Brody!"

Journalist PAT JANKIEWICZ, writer for FANGORIA and STARLOG takes an incisive look at the amazing story of the entire JAWS franchise!

If you're brave enough to order this amazing book, don't go in the water; instead visit our website:

And here is the trailer... duh dum.... duh dum..... duh dum.....

Garry Berman

Garry Berman, author of 'Perfect Fool: The Life and Career of Ed Wynn' has been interviewed on PCN; talking about his excellent book.

You can see the interview here:

And you can order a copy of the book from our website:

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Scott Voisin

We recently caught up with BearManor author Scott Voisin, who shared some exciting news:

"The sequel to my book CHARACTER KINGS is one step closer to completion: I just confirmed an interview with the great character actor Raymond J. Barry (TRAINING DAY, BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY and TV's JUSTIFIED). Can't wait to speak with this amazingly talented man!"

We can't wait to see Scott's new book!!  If you'd like to buy the first one, Character Kings, please visit our website:

BearManor Best Book of All Award

We are thrilled to say that voting has begun for our Best Book of All Award and already we have received hundreds of votes.  If you haven't already, please pop along to our website to vote for your favourite ever BearManor book, and you will then receive 50 per cent off your next purchase!!

All we ask is that you only vote for your favourite book once, as all duplicate votes are deleted.  Thank you.

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