Monday, April 30, 2012

David Del Valle

Please check out the following blog, which has tonnes of information on BearManor author David Del Valle, including photographs of himself and his books.

And if you'd like to order David's books, you can do so here:

David Pierce

Look at this fantastic photograph of BearManor author David Pierce, taken just minutes after he'd seen his book, 'The Bewitched History Book,' for the very first time.

David's book is in great demand: David spent much of the weekend dealing with orders he'd received for signed copies of the book; on the Amazon store, there is currently only one copy left (though more copies will be ordered of course!!) and on the Amazon Kindle store, it is currently number 49 in the Television Guide chart.  Well done David!!!

To order the book from our website, please click here:

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A Disney Childhood

Congratulations to BearManor author Cathy Freeman who has received many fantastic responses to her book, 'A Disney Childhood.'  Here are just a few she has received:

"I couldn’t put it down.  My favorite tv show was about to begin but I had to keep reading." - MMM Moreland

 I'm loving the book. It's a time machine for me." - Bryan Frink

“So this is funny - when I read your book I thought so often I was reading about myself!” - Conny Criswell

Cathy's book is available from our website:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bewitched on the Radio

We are very happy to say that David Pierce, author of the exciting new BearManor book, 'The Bewitched History Book,' will be interviewed by Koop Kooper on the Cocktail Nation Radio Show which is based in Sydney! The Cocktail Nation is a radio show and podcast broadcast across the world via various radio stations. Today, Friday, April 27 at 7:05 PM MST, Koop Kooper will be talking to David about the book, and we hope that you can all tune in.

To listen to the show on the Internet, just click the link below to be taken directly to their page:

Or if you're lucky enough to be based in Australia, you can listen on the radio too!

David's book is available to pre-order now from our website:

And don't forget that David's doing a give-away on his FaceBook page:

And if you'd like to see just how huge this book really is, check out David's photo of the spine!  It's absolutely magnificent!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Book of the Week

Our Book of the Week this time is 'Ann Harding: Cinema's Gallant Lady' by Scott O'Brien.

Laurence Oliver referred to her as an "angel." Director Henry Hathaway claimed she was a "bitch." Critics hailed Ann Harding as the finest actress to venture from Broadway to Hollywood. Her unique, natural screen presence in Holiday (1930) earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. From 1929-1936, Harding reigned as cinema's "Gallant Lady."

Ann's ethereal quality belied a passionate nature. Her affairs with three remarkably talented and very married men associated with the film industry could have easily outraged fans and quashed her career. Theater visionary-director Jasper Deeter, Ann's life-long mentor, remarked that Ann was a master at hiding her childish, stubborn temperament. Friends of Ann's daughter, Jane Otto, claim that despite Ann's highly publicized custody battles. as a mother, Ann was "detached." Ann Harding - Cinema's Gallant Lady pays tribute to her career, and unveils a complex portrait of one of stage and cinemas most remarkable talents.

Reader C J Shank gave us a review of the book recently:

"A well researched book of film star Ann Harding who is largely forgotten today. She was superb in the pre-code films as well as other films of the 30's and 40's. The author provided plenty of references and source material as well as a complete listing of stage, screen, and television credits as well as numerous photos. This is a great example of what a well-written biography should be like."

To order a copy of the book please visit our website: 

Scott O'Brien, author of 'Ann Harding' also has a website which is located here:

And you can learn more about Scott O'Brien's other BearManor books by clicking here:

The Bewitched History Book Giveaway!

BearManor author David Pierce is offering one lucky reader a change to win a signed copy of his book, 'The Bewitched History Book.'

The free book will be given if the book's page - gets to 254 likes before next Monday.  That's 254 likes for every episode of Bewitched!

So click on the link and like the page to be in with a chance of winning! And please feel free to share the link with friends.

And if you're unlucky and don't win a copy of the book, you can always order it here:

Good luck!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

David Pierce on the Radio

Remember we told you that BearManor author David Pierce was going to be interviewed about his fantastic book, 'The Bewitched History Book'?  Well we are very happy to share the interview with you here.  David's interview appears on part two, around 30 minutes into the show.

David shares with readers that he thought he'd have to send his proposal to many publishers.... Luckily for both BearManor and David, we snapped the book up immediately and we're all very proud we did!

Well done David, you're absolutely fabulous!!!

You can visit David's FaceBook page here:

Please order the book here:


Reel Tears by Beverly Washburn

We are thrilled that reader C J Shank took the time to review 'Reel Tears' for us; here is the review in full:

"A poignant autobiography by child star Beverly Washburn who starred in Old Yeller.  Washburn details her life as a child star and working with greats like Jack Benny, Kirk Douglas, Loretta Young,George Reeves, and includes a hilarious anecdote about Lone Ranger Clayton Moore.  She mentioned Dan Duryea but didn't say much about him and I would have liked to have known more.  She appeared on various television shows in the early days such as Leave It to Beaver.  Washburn seemed to love being a child star and actress and did not appear to be forced into it by her parents.  She had a loving family but the book does depict the problems of being a child star.  

Her family needed funds for an operation for her father and she got the courts to give her the funds in her trust for this operation.  After her father passed away, her mother sold the house that Beverly had paid for and moved to Florida, leaving Beverly alone and with not much in the way of funds or job opportunities. Yet Beverly does not hold this against her.  Her life has had more than its share of ups and downs but the book does show how you need to be prepared because when the work dries up in one field, you do need to be ready to change to take on other work.  

Washburn is a great writer and I read the book in about 2 1/2 hours.  She relates an experience at the Memphis Film Festival.  I met Washburn (and Troy Donahue) at that Festival and I must say that Washburn was a delight to talk with.  I only wish I had been the person Washburn mentioned in the book to receive the kiss from Donahue.  The book is well written and full of great photos.  I recommend it to anyone interested in child stars or how the film business works."

CJ Shank
Hagerstown, MD

Thank you to C J Shank for the review!  If you would like to order a copy of the book, please click here:

And you can order the audio book here:

Henry Darrow News

We are very happy to say that Henry Darrow, co-author of 'Lightning in the Bottle' will be Brian Zemrak's guest this week on “On Screen & Beyond.”  For more details, please click the link below:

Brian has also given the book a fabulous review in OSB’s “Book Nook,” which can be seen here:

BearManor congratulates Henry Darrow and Jan Pippins on their success with this amazing book!

For more information, or to place an order, please click here:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dick Cavett's Column

Congratulations to Steve Stoliar who has once again been mentioned in Dick Cavett's New York Times column.  Steve's book, 'Raised Eyebrows' is a huge BearManor bestseller, and it certainly deserves the attention is has attracted from not only Dick Cavett, but many other avenues too.

If you'd like to read Dick's column, you can do so here: 

And you can order 'Raised Eyebrows' from our website:

Bewitched on the Radio

We are very pleased to say that today at 8.30 am MST, BearManor author David Pierce will be in the studio with ZHT's Morning Zoo, in Salt Lake.  David will be discussing his Bewitched History Book, which is proving to be an extremely popular BearManor title.

The Morning Zoo is available on IHeartRadio but only in the U.S. This is David's first radio interview but don't worry if you miss it, as you can download it later from their website:

We'd like to wish David the very best of luck on his first interview.  If you'd like to order a copy of his book, please visit our website:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Published....

We are very happy to announce that we have just published 'Memos to a New Millennium: The Final Radio Plays of Norman Corwin.'  This book presents, for the first time ever in print, a treasure-trove of radio plays spanning fifty years in the extraordinary career of radio’s most famous dramatist.

Subject matter for Corwin’s radio plays varied greatly. He was equally at ease writing light comedy replete with mischievous rhymes as he was in crafting history lessons that although written with poetic language, strike hard and fast, delivering their import with expert efficiency. Be it universal human rights, the power of prayer, the atomic bomb, the origins of a national holiday, the birth of the Statue of Liberty, the meaning of democracy and freedom in America, the struggle between science and magic in our world, or an earnest memo to the Third Millennium, Norman Corwin tackled it all with poise, humor, and, above all, conviction.

Beginning with Citizen of the World, his final production for the CBS Radio Network in July 1949, through his Peabody Award-winning years at United Nations Radio, and culminating with his National Public Radio series finale, Memos to a New Millennium broadcast on December 31, 1999, this book covers the last half of the twentieth century as only Norman Corwin could.

To order a copy of the book, please visit our website:

Publicity News

Congratulations to Henry Darrow and Jan Pippins who have received some terrific reviews and mentions for their book, 'Lightning in the Bottle.'

Firstly, the Wilmington NC Star-News published a write-up in their print edition, and secondly Latin Heat gave a brilliant review on their website.

Check out Latin Heat's review here:

And to order the book, please visit our website:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Of The Week

Book of the week this week is Dangerous Curves atop Hollywood Heels: The lives, careers and misfortunes of 14 hard-luck girls of the silver screen by Michael G. Ankerich.

Dangerous Curves was named a Top 10 Best Silent Film Book in 2010 by the San Francisco Examiner, and that comes as no surprise, since this book is absolutely fascinating, and full of little-known facts. 

Here's a little information from our website:

"We were like dragonflies. We seemed to be suspended effortlessly in the air, but in reality, our wings were beating very, very fast." - Mae Murray

"It is worse than folly for persons to imagine that this business is an easy road to money, to contentment, or to that strange quality called happiness." - Bebe Daniels

 "A girl should realize that a career on the screen demands everything, promising nothing." - Helen Ferguson

In Dangerous Curves Atop Hollywood Heels, author Michael G. Ankerich examines the lives, careers, and disappointments of 14 silent film actresses, who, despite the odds against them and warnings to stay in their hometowns, came to Hollywood to make names for themselves in the movies.

On the screen, these young hopefuls became Agnes Ayres, Olive Borden, Grace Darmond, Elinor Fair, Juanita Hansen, Wanda Hawley, Natalie Joyce, Barbara La Marr, Martha Mansfield, Mary Nolan, Marie Prevost, Lucille Ricksen, Eve Southern, and Alberta Vaughn.

Dangerous Curves follows the precarious routes these young ladies took in their quest for fame and uncovers how some of the top actresses of the silent screen were used, abused, and discarded.  Many, unable to let go of the spotlight after it had singed their very souls, came to a stop on that dead-end street, referred to by actress Anna Q. Nilsson as, Hollywood's Heartbreak Lane.

Pieced together using contemporary interviews the actresses gave, conversations with friends, relatives, and co-workers, and exhaustive research through scrapbooks, archives, and public records, Dangerous Curves offers an honest, yet compassionate, look at some of the brightest luminaries of the silent screen. The book is illustrated with over 150 photographs.

You can order the book from our website:

Our Gal Cal

New from BearManor is 'Our Gal Cal' by Cheryl Jordan; a series of four novels in one volume.

The series opens when fifteen-year-old “Calamity” Ames finds herself uprooted from her cozy, privileged life in Dallas and transplanted onto the sound stage of a Hollywood teen flick.  During the ensuing thirty years, she learns everything she needs to know about professional acting from veteran character actor Leonard Rhoads.  While honing her craft, Cal finds out for herself—from award galas, a promotional tour, overzealous fans, an undercover romance, invasions of her privacy, being stalked, surviving an attempted murder, and finally achieving the fulfillment of her dreams—the perks and curses of national notoriety in the biz of show.

Cal’s story combines genres. It’s drama. It’s adventure. It’s romance. It’s tragedy. It’s humor. Once you begin reading, you’ll be hooked.

About the Author:  Cheryl Jordan has been working with actors for much of her life, and felt compelled to write these novels to teach you what actors, actresses, directors, producers, and screenwriters have taught her.

To find out more, or to order the book, please visit our website:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rave Review!

We are absolutely thrilled to pass on this fabulous review of Joe Alaskey's book, 'That's Still Not All Folks!'

Master Hollywood Voice Over Actor Pens First Rate Autobiography By K.P. Lynne - Chicago, Illinois 

Have you ever heard of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, Elmer Fudd, Tiny Toon Adventures, Looney Tunes or even the Rugrats? If so, you are already familiar with Joe Alaskey's brilliant repertoire of voice work.  As the "unofficial" successor to the late, great impressionist Mel Blanc, actor, writer, illustrator, playwright, voice-over artist and comedian Joe Alaskey has brilliantly recreated the most famous Warner Brothers cartoon voices for over 20 years and is still going strong! 

 Joe Alaskey has carved out an intricate niche as one of America's foremost leading voice-over actors. Garnering the coveted Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Series, beating out industry greats such as Walter Cronkite, Nancy Cartwright, Henry Winkler and John Ritter, Joe Alaskey has become a living legend in the world of animation. His impressive resume reads like a "Who's Who?" of cartoon characters.   A highly accomplished actor, he has achieved success as both a voice-over artist and a legitimate actor, appearing on stage, screen and television!  With an illustrious resume that includes live theatre, television situation comedies, dramas, cartoons, game shows, motion pictures, stand up comedy, and a starring role on the 1980's sci-fi sitcom, Out of this World, Joe Alaskey has seen it all, and happily shares his fondest memories in a new book entitled, "That's Still Not All Folks," published and exceptionally packaged by Bear Manor Media.

As if his natural talents were not enough, Joe Alaskey is constantly challenging himself to excel in new endeavors, and he has done just that with his new autobiography, "That's Still Not All Folks." Once you pick up this book you simply cannot put it down again!  Unlike typical gossip laden Hollywood style tell-alls, Joe Alaskey's autobiography is an exhilarating breath of fresh air, providing a witty, refreshingly classy account of a young man's ambition, talent, passion, drive, determination and ultimate rise to the very top of his craft and field. 

 The professional level caliber of Joe Alaskey's writing speaks directly to the heart, soul and funny bone, with a soft, down-to-earth, guy next door style.  A highly polished writer and illustrator, in every sense of the word, Joe Alaskey's writing entertains, amuses and enlightens with his humorous, deliciously delightful, and at times heart warming stories and memoirs. Anyone who is passionate about animation, comedy, voice-over work, or the entertainment industry in general, will fall in love with this book.  The author's encounters with some of the most recognized names in the Hollywood entertainment industry are chronicled in a positive and uplifting manner.  

Devoid of any unnecessary mean spiritedness or gossip, "That's Still Not All Folks," serves as a blast from the past, while reveling in the present and looking ahead to the future. One of the many highlights in this book is a previously unpublished short story, penned by this multitalented performer and playwright, who has written numerous volumes of fiction, stand up comedy scripts and dramatic plays for the stage.  If Alaskey's delightfully bittersweet story "Professional Courtesy" is any indication of the exceptional level of the creativity lying in the bottom of his closet, he better dust off those manuscripts, and start sharing his stories with the world. 

The title of his autobiography basically sums it up, "That's Still Not All Folks!" In the case of Joe Alaskey this book better not be "all" and should represent the beginning of a bright new future in publishing books, play writing and performing! 

 Visit Joe Alaskey on Facebook at 

 To order a copy of the book, please visit the BearManor website:

Steve Stoliar Interview

Here is a brilliant interview with Steve Stoliar, author of 'Raised Eyebrows'.  The interview was on the David Feldman Show, which was broadcast on Tuesday, 17th April.

You can order Steve's book here:


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hank Moonjean Interview

Just a reminder that tonight is part two of Susan McCray's interview with Oscar-nominated producer Hank Moonjean, author of 'Bring In The Peacocks.'  

Hank will be on the 'Getting to Know You Show' and to listen in, all you have to do is visit, where you can find out more and listen live.

Tonight Hank will be talking to Susan about his book, and also sharing a story about Elizabeth Taylor, so please tune in!

Please order Hank's book here:

Monday, April 16, 2012

David Del Valle

We are very proud that BearManor author David Del Valle has been interviewed for the latest edition of Fangoria Magazine.

David is the author of Lost Horizons Beneath the Hollywood Sign and the upcoming Six Reels Under.

To read the article, just click on the photograph, and to visit Fangoria, please click the link:

If you can't wait until Six Reels Under is released, you can always order Lost Horizons to keep you going!

Please go to our website for more details:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Interview with Linda J Alexander

We are thrilled that Linda J Alexander, author of 'A Maverick Life' has been interviewed by the Inspiration Forum website.

Here is just a teeny part of the interview, in which Linda shares her advice for new writers and has a message for her readers:

Fiona: Do you have any advice for other writers?
Linda: Never, ever, ever, ever give up. Ever, did I say that?! You WILL never be published if you don’t try one more time simply because it’s after that “one more time” when you’ll get that book published, and those readers coming in. And after that “one more time” you’ll realize how much better you become simply by continuing to make the effort.

Fiona: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Linda: Thank you. If you’re reading my work, I’m forever grateful to you … and I’d love to hear from you!

Fiona: If you were not a writer what else would you like to have done?
Linda: Exactly what I am doing in addition to writing—digging up dead people. Genealogy is just an extension of writing stories. Collecting them, putting them into a format where they will live on forever ... that’s what makes me happy.

To read the entire interview, please visit the Inspiration Forum website:

Hear our books!

Do you want to 'read' our books while doing the housework, gardening or travelling? If so, you're in luck because three of our great titles have just been released as audio downloads:


JAMES SHELDON was directing the radio show We, The People when it became the first commercial CBS network program to telecast nationally on June 1, 1948. Since then he has experienced the technological changes from live to electronic tape to film, from black and white to color, and from a few hundred thousand to the multi-millions of television sets in use today. His early live credits include dramatic series like Robert Montgomery Presents and Studio One, comedies like Mister Peepers and musicals like Don Ameche's Holiday Hotel. He was part of the move from New York to Los Angeles as television production shifted west in the mid 50's. Credits during that period: The Johnny Carson Show, West Point Story, Harbor Command and Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater. In the 60's, he directed many episodes of 87th Precinct, Naked City, Route 66, The Millionaire, My Three Sons, The Twilight Zone, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color and Gunsmoke. In the ‘70's, M*A*S*H, The Virginian, Sanford & Son, Rock Hudson's McMillan & Wife and Raymond Burr's Ironsides. In the ‘80's, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Cagney & Lacey, and The Equalizer. Included in the list of the many actors whose careers he helped start are: James Dean, Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, Carroll O'Connor, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Lee Remick, Tony Randall and Tyne Daly.

To order the download, please click here:

REEL TEARS: THE BEVERLY WASHBURN STORY by Beverly Washburn and Donald Vaughan

A candid and compelling look into the life of one of Hollywood’s most prolific and respected child actors. Read by the author, and including the voice of Tony Dow reading his forward, as well as several other child actors who tell of their life-long relationship with Beverly Washburn, this audio book will make you laugh, and cry. It is an honest telling of a child actor coming of age, and of the highs and lows on the road to Hollywood.


You know the face. You know the credit list: Lost in Space, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Kung Fu, Thee Twilight Zone and hundreds more... But who was Albert Salmi? Born of Finnish parents in the Finnish section of Brooklyn, Albert Salmi had a childhood he would recall fondly, even though it was plagued by the hardships of the Great Depression. In an attempt to earn money as a teenager, he broke the law; and the very wise judge gave him a sentence that turned his life around.

Salmi set his sights for an acting career and, thanks to the GI Bill, got the best training possible. The result was that for forty years he appeared on the Broadway stage (Bus Stop, etc.), national television (Alfred Hitchcock Presents, I Spy, That Girl, Dallas, etc., etc.), and in countless films (The Unforgiven, Caddyshack, etc.). Sandra Grabman's biography is a frank and loving tribute, combined with many memories from Salmi's family, friends, and co-stars, and includes never-before-published memoirs from the man himself. From humble beginnings -- to a highly successful acting career -- to a tragic death that shocked the world -- Albert Salmi's story is unlike any other you'll ever hear.

To order the download, please click here:

Review for our Book of the Week

Thank you to Dan Van Neste, author of our Book of the Week, 'The Whistler', who has told us that his book has been reviewed in the the current issue of Scarlet the Film Magazine (Issue #8 -- Feb/March/April, 2012).

For more information on the magazine, please click here:

And to order Dan's book, please visit our website:

Another review....

We've just received another great review for Richard Yokley's book, 'The First Responders of Television' by Lou Farah, editor of 'Professional Car Collector' magazine. He is also a long time LA area paramedic. Here it is:

"Richard Yokley has published three highly entertaining books: 'TV Firefighters', 'Emergency! Behind the Scene' and 'The First Responders of Television'. For those that are hopelessly addicted to the 1970s television series Emergency!, Richards book leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the facts surrounding the series and its stars. Still hugely popular among the show's long time fans, the book has become the 'bible' for those that are die-hard devotees of Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto.

His most recent book, 'The First Responders of Television', takes a journal back into the history of television to explore the shows that feature first responders of all types. From the infancy of those first black and white TV sets of the late 1940s and '50s up to the modern wide-screen hi-def marvels of today. Richard not only explores each television show with in-depth information and facts, but calls upon those that were involved in the production of the shows to provide further clarity of the facts surrounding each production."

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book of the Week

This week our featured book is 'The Whistler: Stepping into the Shadows' by Dan Van Neste.

Legendary film director Robert Wise called the Whistler features, "examples of budget filmmaking at its very best." Noted B movie historian Don Miller cited them as, "the best B pics of the period from Columbia." Famed film critic/historian Leonard Maltin referred to the series as "one of the most unusual- and one of the best mystery series of the 30's and 40's. . ." Based on J. Donald Wilson's hit radio suspense program featuring ironic tales of terror spun by a mysterious host, The Whistler film series consisted of eight motion pictures produced by Columbia Pictures between 1944 and 1948 starring legendary, Academy Award-nominated actor, Richard Dix. Although manufactured quickly and cheaply to fill the bottom half of a mandatory double bill, The Whistler films were suspenseful and well made, engendering wide popularity and surprising critical acclaim. Today historians and movie aficionados frequently cite them for their innovation and style-and as early examples of film noir. This is the story of the making of this landmark Columbia series, and the many extraordinary individuals who pooled their singular talents to make eight low budget movies into film classics. Included are rare profiles of 50 Whistler filmmakers: actors, directors, writers, and technicians.

Want to order the book? Please click here:

Author pics...

Thanks to Philip J Riley for sending us the following photo, which shows him at a book signing with 7 time Academy Award Winning make-up artist Rick Baker, who did the back artwork for one of Philip's books. (Philip is on the right; Rick is on the left.)

To see Philip's huge number of BearManor books, please click here:

Book Review...

Congratulations to Richard Yokley who has received a stellar review from Lee Goldberg, noted author and television producer, for his book 'The First Responders of Television.'

Goldberg describes the book as "a major work of television scholarship, something BearManor Media specializes in publishing, and is a must-have for any television reference library."

To read the entire review, please click here:

And to order the book, please visit our website:

First Saturday Event

Linda J Alexander, author of 'A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly story' recently took part in the 'First Saturday Event' in Frederick, MD. The BearManor blog caught up with her yesterday to see what it was all about. Here's what Linda had to tell us:

"Frederick, MD, USA is a lovely historical town which reveres its past, as well as its artsy nature. Francis Scott Key, who wrote the United States’ National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, “lives” down the street from me. Downtown Frederick is always abuzz, particularly on weekends, with never a dearth of things to do. On the First Saturday of April—hence the event’s name—the city rolls out sidewalks for the likes of street entertainment, good food, shops open into the evening … and even sometimes a related book author such as myself. This First Saturday event, for 2012, hosted the theme of “Frederick Goes To Hollywood” and I, and Jack Kelly, had to be a part of it. Here’s the webpage, with my part listed:

“Celebrities” walked around town with paparazzi following. I saw Austin Powers and Marilyn Monroe a number of times. Others were Rodney Dangerfield, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Audrey Hepburn. Old Hollywood movies were shown on one of the city’s main streets. Bars and restaurants offer themed drink specials. Amidst this fun and revelry, I was set up next to a DJ playing great music, with friends and strangers stopping by to talk about Jack Kelly, and purchase my book, A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story. As a survivor in complete remission from Lymphoma, I chose to donate a dollar from each book sale to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was a cool, windy evening, and though I had to nearly tie down everything on my table, the weather was crisp and clear, and the atmosphere conducive to an evening full of stars, entertainment, and great fun."

To order a copy of Linda's book, just click here:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Disney Goes to the Library

We are very happy to share this lovely photograph of BearManor author Cathy Sherman Freeman, presenting a copy of her book, 'A Disney Childhood' to her local library.

Cathy's father was George Sherman, Head of Publications at Walt Disney Studios from the late 1950s to the 1974. He was in charge of comic books and when Disney foreign representatives came to town, they'd visit this 'typical American family' and be escorted by them to Disneyland.

Cathy's book is about her Disney childhood and much, much more. It is available from the BearManor website:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Set your alarm!

We are thrilled to tell you that BearManor author Hank Moonjean will be featured on the Susan McCray radio show, 'Getting to Know You' on 10th April 2012.

Hank is an Oscar-nominated producer and his book, 'Bring in the Peacocks' is an amazing look at behind-the-scenes at MGM and much, much more.

To find out more about the interview and to listen live, please go to

To order Hank's book, please go to our website:

Rondo Awards

We are thrilled to announce that 'War Eagles: The Unmaking of an Epic, an Alternate History for Classic Film Monsters' by David Conover and Philip J Riley has been given an honorable mention in the Rondo Awards.

Congratulations to authors David Conover and Philip J. Riley and thank you to everyone who voted.

Want to know more about this book? Here is some information from our website:

This latest addition to Philip J Riley's Alternate History of Classic Filmonsters series is a collaborative effort with fellow film historian David Conover that delves into one of the most famous unproduced motion pictures of all time, Merian C. Cooper's legendary WAR EAGLES!

Planned as a full Technicolor production at MGM in the late 1930s, WAR EAGLES would have eclipsed Cooper and long-time SFX partner Willis O'Brien's KING KONG as the greatest fantasy epic of the period had it not fallen victim to pre-war studio politics and the rise of Hitler's Third Reich on the eve of World War II.

Long considered a lost film effort, Conover's research has actually uncovered a richly detailed pre-production history, complete with never-before -published artwork, storyboards, test footage frames and more, direct from studio archives and the estates of technicians and artists who actually worked on the film.

Also included is the full, never-published final draft of WAR EAGLES by Cyril Hume (screenwriter of MGM's Tarzan series and the sci-fi masterpiece FORBIDDEN PLANET) along with Merian C. Cooper's original treatment and production designer Howard Campbell's notes and budgets for the ill-fated production.

For decades, stop-motion fans and film researchers considered an early, coverless draft attributed to Willis O'Brien-- but actually written by Harold Lamb and James Ashmore Creelman-- to be the only existing script for WAR EAGLES, but Conover's discovery of the original typescripts at the USC film library in 2003 turned up 7 more drafts and multiple revisions that eventually led to the final Hume draft.

Pre-production artist Duncan Gleason began detailed storyboarding and illustration based on this draft and it is very likely that it would have become the actual shooting script. Detailed models and sets were built and Technicolor test footage featuring stop-motion animation by Willis O'Brien and his crew (including Kong/Mighty Joe Young creators Marcel Delgado and George Lofgren) was shot, and the exciting tale of a lost race of Viking warriors astride giant prehistoric eagles doing battle with Nazis over the skies of modern day Manhattan almost reached the screen until the reality of impending war halted production in 1940...

David Conover is a film writer and historian who began his quest to uncover the history of WAR EAGLES as a 13-year-old reader of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. He was a columnist and reviewer for the Louisville Eccentric Observer for 9 years and his work was syndicated widely during that period as well. He is also the Vice President and Programming Director for WonderFest, an international modeling, toy, film and FX expo that takes place annually in Louisville, Ky, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and a tiny piece of the stegosaurus model from the original KING KONG. If you ask him, he'll show it to you, along with the final page of Cyril Hume's WAR EAGLES script. He's not crazy, just enthusiastic.

You can order War Eagles by clicking here: