Friday, September 21, 2012

Allan 'Rocky' Lane

Following the success of her last BearManor book, 'A Maverick Life: The Jack Kelly Story,' Linda J Alexander is currently writing another book; this time about Allan 'Rocky' Lane.

Here is a little about Allan, taken from Linda's new FaceBook page, dedicated to the man himself:

Many of us know him as the infamous--but never officially recognized--voice of the talking horse, "Mr. Ed." Others are aware he had a well-sustained career in the 1940s & into the early '50s as star of the Rocky Lane western serials. But few know...
How many of you as kids went to the picture show & watched in excitement as Rocky Lane fought off all the bad guys & always won in the end? How many of you eagerly flipped through those comic books created under his name?

Fewer people realize Allan Lane had a movie career which began in 1929--a handsome, suave "drawing room" romantic sort--going thru many iterations, & with nearly as many studio 
contracts. Ultimately he landed the "Red Ryder" series, carrying on after Bill Elliot left the TV role.

Even fewer know he began on the stage at the young age of 16, here & there across the country & making his way to Broadway.

And fewer yet are aware of the businessman who was also Allan Lane. He started working to support himself and his family at the age of 6 years. He moved from place to place at very young ages to get his education, make money, and find his place in the world. He owned his own successful photography advertising agency at the tender age of 24 and after his Hollywood career seemed to fade, he went back to his business background.

Allan "Rocky" Lane was an enigma--quite possibly misunderstood, but certainly much more than history has yet to show. Until Now. "I Am Mr. Ed: Allan 'Rocky' Lane Revealed" will premiere as a BearManor Media book in 2013 ... stay tuned!

We can't wait to see Linda's new book in 2013.  In the meantime, please 'Like' her FaceBook page to stay in touch and learn more about the project as it progresses:

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