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2 new What If They Lived? reviews



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more attention for War Eagles


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Lost Horizons - new review


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please give to help Japan

Some of you may know that my wife, Mayumi, and I live in Japan. In
Kyoto, to be precise, which is thankfully far away from the incredible
tragedy that's still unfolding here. I'd like to assure all of our
readers that we are safe and luckily, nothing of the horror has
touched us. We didn't even feel any of the tremors that happened. Like
everyone else in the world, we've witnessed all of this... amazing
disaster from afar, and our hearts go out to the millions who have
suffered and continue to be without homes, lives, relatives. I would
urge all of you to go to:


or something like it and give. Give anything, even a few dollars. It
will add up. And it will make a difference to those who suffer.

We're also going to help in 2 ways:

1. Give $50 or more to the charity of your choice, and we'll send you
any BM book free. Choose any title we publish and it's yours. Either
send us your donation receipt to ord...@benohmart.com or send us the
money to donate for you. Either way. Plus, tell us what book you

2. Give $100 to us or to the charity of your choice (send us the
receipt), and we'll send you $100 in BM books. You choose the titles.
(Please remember that if you're still going to the old site, don't
choose books with * by them, as we don't publish those.)

Offer good until next Wednesday, March 23rd at midnight EST.
Thank you.

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more Gene Wilder press


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Interview with Johnny Dollar author


the great destruction in Japan

Many of you may know that we're living in Japan now. Luckily we're not close to the
chaos that has happened during the last several days. We're very, very lucky. But
a lot of people are Not. Please give what you can to help these poor people who are
without homes, without power, without lives. Thank you.


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Mike McCarty speaks


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What If They Lived?


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interviews with sci-fi authors

One of the best collections of interviews you'll ever read.

get your Fly signed!

"David and I will be signing Fly at Fifty
books, March 11-13, 2011 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
at Monster Mania 17 and discussing the book at David's
Classic Sci Fi Reunion panel at 2 PM on Saturday, March 12.

The other panelists include Roy Thinnes (The Invaders)
and Robert Colbert, James Darren and Lee Meriwether (Time Tunnel)"

Friday, March 4, 2011

AVN announces Bob Chinn book