Monday, March 23, 2015

Where have you seen these fabulous faces before? You know them. Can you guess their names? Here's a clue: they were both known for sometimes shocking the delicate sensibilities of 1950s moviegoers (Yes, I know that clue could include everyone from Daffy Duck to Charles Laughton, but give it your best shot anyway.) In just a few days more, both are coming soon to BearManor Media readers. 
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The Algonquin Kid
Adventures Growing Up at New York’s Legendary Hotel

by Michael Elihu Colby
The true life story of Michael Elihu Colby and his childhood days at Manhattan’s Algonquin HotelMichael weaves a vivid tapestry of encounters with glittering Broadway and Hollywood celebrities in a kaleidoscopic memoir of  illustrious figures—some on a meteoric rise, some in tragic decline—while he found his own place in the topsy turvy world of the Broadway theatre and musicals. Nearly 200 rare photographs and illustrations, a Bibliography, Appendixes, and an Index. Available in paperback and hardback editions.


Love is the Reason for it All:
The Shirley Booth Story 

Author Jim Manago's biography of Shirley Booth examines the critical reception to her performances, utilizes interviews with her friends and associates, and, most notably, provides Shirley's own words to reveal her distinct philosophy of life. This audio book version  is not read by the author nor Shirley Booth.
You'll love John Farkis' new 600-page research work that carefully documents everything you want to know about the making of this classic historical adventure film featuring John Wayne and an all-star cast. Click here to read more. 

Author Garry Berman's biography of "The Perfect Fool," who also earned renown in Mary Poppinsand The Diary of Anne Frank. Ed Wynn's career spanned silent movies, talking pictures, Broadway, Hollywood, Old Time Radio, and Television. 

Click here to read more.
David Greenland's richly researched biography of one of American television's most beloved actors and his remarkable career that spanned several legendary series. 
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Fredrick Tucker's illustrated biography of one of America's beloved character actresses and her career that spanned Old Time Radio and television. Click here to read more.
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Not Thinkin', Just Rememberin'

John Farkis' rushes back the sands of time to unearth a rare event in Hollywood history and a patriotic, inspiring tale of true Texas folklore brought to life on the big screen with John Wayne as the legendary Davy Crockett. In paperback and hardback editions. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Life in the Past Lane Volume 2:
In a continuation of the popular Life in the Past Lane, author and radio veteran Jason Hill reveals a series of extensive interviews transcribed from his Life in the Past Lane radio show. Guests include many of the multi-talented folks who made radio tick.

Icon: The Life, Times, and Films of Marilyn Monroe Volume 2: 1956 to 1962 & Beyond (HARDCOVER VERSION)

Gary Vitacco-Robles' new hardcover edition that examines the last six years of Marilyn’s life and her impact on our culture in the five decades following her early tragic death. 

Eddie Dean The Golden Cowboy
Stephen Fratallone's biography of the enormously popular cowboy singer who appeared in films with many top Western stars. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

He was eight years old, when he appeared on Dennis the Menace from 1959-1963. The show left the air half a century ago, and North is now in his sixties. Jay struggled to find acting jobs as a teenager and young man. He did secure one last starring role in The Teacher in 1974, which was an R-rated movie, that was as far removed from his role as Dennis Mitchell as possible. Jay tired of waiting for acting roles to come his way, joined the U.S. Navy in 1977, and was honorably discharged in 1979.After two failed marriages, he married Cindy Hackney in 1993 and they are still married today. Thanks to his mother’s investments of his earnings while he was a child actor, he lives comfortably today.

With the constant surge of new generations discovering Hal Roach comedies for the first time, we thought you would enjoy hearing from author Craig Calman on his 100 Years of Brodies With Hal Roach: The Jaunty Journeys of a Hollywood Motion Picture and Television Pioneer. 
What first got you interested in the subject? 
As a kid growing up in the 1960s watching such shows as “Fractured Flickers” first made me aware of the ancient world of silent comedy.  When I saw my first Laurel & Hardy film I was hooked and wanted to learn all about them, including who produced their movies.  Scarcely could I have imagined then that I would not only meet Hal Roach but become his friend and know him for nearly 20 years.

What was the most interesting thing you discovered? After the Hal Roach Studios went into bankruptcy in 1959 and before the buildings were torn down in 1963 boxes and boxes of the Studios correspondence and business records were rescued and are now safely housed at the University of Southern California Cinematic Arts Library.  I spent a year and a half going through each and every box of letters, telegrams, and correspondence of all kinds covering 45 years of motion picture and television production.

What pitfalls or rewards did you find along the way? It has been sad to discover that so many of the younger generations are not familiar with Hal Roach.

What will readers enjoy about your book? All the new information gleaned from my extensive research.  Great quotes from the key players as the movies were being produced and distributed.  F
an letters, and all the details and tidbits found in obscure magazine and newspaper articles long buried.  

What do you hope to achieve with your book? A greater recognition by the public at large of all of Hal Roach’s accomplishments in the fields of motion pictures and television during their formative years.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Author Robert Welch tell us that for the month of April, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be featuring many of the titles covered in his The Wizard of MGM: Memoirs of A. Arnold Gillespie, Art Director.

Watch these titles on The April Friday Night Spotlight schedule:

Friday, April 3rd – Night #1:
8pm - The Wizard of Oz (’39) TEC
10pm - San Francisco (’36) TEC
12:15am - Tarzan and His Mate (’34) TEC
2:15am - Mutiny on the Bounty (’35) TEC
Friday, April 10th – Night #2:
8pm – Test Pilot (’38)
10:15pm - Boom Town (’40) TEC
12:30am - Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (’44) TEC
3am - The Good Earth (’37) TEC
Friday, April 17th – Night #3:
8pm - Green Dolphin Street (’47) TEC
10:30pm - Royal Wedding (’51) TEC
12:15am – Scaramouche (’52) TEC
2:30am – The Wreck of the Mary Deare (’59) TEC
Friday, April 24th – Night #4:
8pm – Forbidden Planet (’56) TEC
10pm - North by Northwest (’59) TEC
12:30am - Ben-Hur (’59) TEC
4:30am - How the West was Won (’62)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Cast members of the 1960 film "The Alamo," including (from left of the helmeted soldier) John Wayne, Linda Cristal, Frankie Avalon, Richard Boone and Pat Wayne, pay tribute to the fallen defenders of the Alamo during a ceremony on Alamo Plaza on Oct. 24, 1960, the morning of the world premiere of the film. (Express-News Archives) Photo: EXPRESS-NEWS FILE PHOTO


John Farkis, author of Not Rememberin' . . . Just Thinkin' . . . The Making of John Wayne's THE ALAMO, was just interviewed by the San Antonio Express-News

He will also be featured in the Del Rio Herald for another interview.

Watch for him to speak at the Alamo Society Symposium on Saturday, March 7 in San Antonio and the following day at the Alamo Battlefield Association annual meeting.

Click the book below for more information.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Professional friends and colleagues of psychotherapist and author Gary Vitacco Robles hosted a book launch and signing for the release of his critically acclaimed ICON: The Life, Times & Films of Marilyn Monroe, Volume Two at the Columbia Café in the Tampa Bay History Center Museum on Friday, February 6, 2015.

It was an invitation-only event for Gary's professional network, those with whom he has worked over the last 30 years as behavioral health providers in the Tampa Bay Area. Over 60 people attended over the course of four hours. Gary spoke for about 20 minutes and responded to questions. The ladies were invited to channel their inner Marilyn & wear your most glamorous Monroesque dress. The venue, housed within the museum's exhibit halls, offered a terrace overlooking the Tampa skyline and Old Tampa Bay. There was a cash bar and complimentary appetizers. Guests received gift bags filled with promotion material for volumes one and two, a CD of Marilyn's vocal recordings, a Marilyn Reading Challenge (a list of the 430 books in her personal library auctioned following her death as a benefit to the Literacy Foundation), and some sweet treats.

Hear author Gary Vitacco Robles discuss Marilyn on a new series of radio broadcasts:

Goodnight Marilyn Radio: The Investigation. The Life. The Movie

Friday at 10 AM Pacific
The morning of August 5, 1962, the world awoke to the shocking news: Marilyn Monroe found dead. The circumstances surrounding her death has become one of the most debated conspiracy theories in history. Was it an accident, or something more? Whom did she call? What really happened that fateful night in her Brentwood home?

Now, for the first time in radio history, host Nina Boski will start to examine the life and death of Marilyn Monroe and give you a firsthand look into the feature film, “Goodnight Marilyn” as it goes into production. The radio show also highlights the star’s life,

Tune in

Friday at 10 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel
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