Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Derek Botelho

Derek Botelho, author of THE ARGENTO SYNDROME, will be doing a book signing on May 18 at 2pm at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. The signing will include Derek, the illustrator of the book, Micah Mate, and several people who have worked with Dario Argento and are featured in the book: co-writer of GIALLO Sean Keller, co-writers of MOTHER OF TEARS Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch, actress Vera Gemma (The Card Player, The Stendhal Syndrome, Scarlet Diva), producer of Masters of Horror, Mick Garris, and film historian and journalist David Del Valle, who wrote the foreword.

(Please note that the list may be subject to change).

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mark Thomas McGee

TALK’S CHEAP, ACTION’S EXPENSIVE: THE FILMS OF ROBERT L. LIPPERT by Mark Thomas McGee has been reviewed on the Bookgasm website.


You can read the review here:
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Marilyn Monroe

THE LIFE, TIMES, & FILMS OF MARILYN MONROE by Gary Vitacco-Robles has been receiving some great reviews; the most recent being in the May issue of Rage Magazine.

Here is what reviewer Bill Biss from Rage, had to say:

Robles brings a unique perspective to his biography of Monroe with the extensively detailed account of not only her fascinating and tumultuous life but by presenting a psychological perspective of the many facets of her personality. What sets this book apart is his ability to shed a new light on her humanity and psyche to bring forth a balanced view of the person inside. “Icon” is tribute to the reality of her work, heartache and strengths that coincide with the wonder and complexity of the truly iconic star. Available now.
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Richard Yokley

Remember we told you about the book signing author Richard Yokley was taking part in recently?  Well he had a fantastic time at the event and has very kindly sent us some photos...

If you were at the event, we would love to hear your memories for our blog and newsletter.  If you would like to order a copy of Richard's book, 'First Responders of Television', you can do so here:

Antoinette Girgenti Lane


Antoinette Girgenti Lane (author of GUY WILLIAMS: THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK) has told us about a book signing she will be taking part in at the Cowboy Festival, towards the end of this month.  Here are all the details you need to know:

The Facebook site was created for the writers who will be at the event with books that have something to do with the West, either in movies, TV , history, or fiction, and gives details about the writers who will be there, including Antoinette.

Here is a link to the festival itself, including a schedule of events, etc:

From Antoinette: "I was invited in 2009 and 2010 and now I'm delighted to be back. This is such a fun event. It's fantastic being on a huge movie set at Melody Ranch, a replica of a small old western town. The writers have a window of time during the day to sell books for two days, which will be posted there. "
The festival takes place on April 26 and 27, 2014.
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We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of INTERVIEWS TOO SHOCKING TO PRINT! by Justin Humphreys.


Interviews Too Shocking to Print! collects conversations with some of horror and science fiction cinema's finest directors and writers, along with other outstanding talents. The interviewees' films range from the mightiest blockbusters to esoteric drive-in arcana, but they are united by the imagination. Their creations represent some of the freshest, most popular, vital, and inventive works in fantastic filmmaking.

            The interviewees:
            - Alan Ball- The author of American Beauty, whose True Blood has become a favorite of vampire lovers everywhere.
            - Wah Chang- The sculptor and multi-talented f/x genius who created the monstrous menageries of “Star Trek,” “The Outer Limits,” and George Pal’s films, among many others.
             - William Finley- The gangly, unforgettable cult star who essayed the title role in Brian De Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise and headlined Sisters, Eaten Alive, and other cult classics.
            - Jack Fisk- Now one of Hollywood’s top production designers (There Will Be Blood), Fisk cut his teeth crafting the eerily unforgettable worlds of Phantom of the Paradise, Messiah of Evil, and Carrie.
            - Gene Fowler, Jr.- Fritz Lang’s former editor, Fowler directed two minor masterpieces whose lurid titles barely hint at their high quality: I Was a Teenage Werewolf and I Married a Monster From Outer Space.
            - Chuck Griffith- A bizarre master screenwriter, Griffith wrote immortal low-budget favorites like The Little Shop of Horrors, A Bucket of Blood, Not of This Earth, and Death Race 2000.
             - Stewart Stern- The author of Rebel Without a Cause recalls writing the role of Mr. Kurtz for Boris Karloff in his television production of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
            - Herbert Strock- Strock discusses the making of his psychotronic gems I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, How to Make a Monster, and The Crawling Hand.
            - William Tuttle- The head of MGM’s makeup department for decades and the first makeup artist to win an Academy Award, Tuttle’s make-up career stretched from Mark of the Vampire with Bela Lugosi and The Wizard of Oz  to Young Frankenstein’s zipper-neck monster.
            - Robert Wise- The director of two of the all-time most popular musicals– West Side Story and The Sound of Music– discusses his long and varied career, including editing Citizen Kane and directing the distinctly un-musical The Body Snatcher, The Haunting, Curse of the Cat People, and The Andromeda Strain.

            Also included are several of Humphreys’s essays on the cinema of imagination.

            Justin Humphreys is the author of Names You Never Remember, With Faces You Never Forget (also from BearManor) and the authorized biography of director/producer George Pal. A three-time Rondo Award nominee, he has sold over 130 articles, been quoted in magazines like The Virginia Quarterly Review, and interviewed for documentaries by the Starz Channel, Paramount, and others. He is also the Primary Research Editor of two-time Academy Award-winner Robert Skotak’s upcoming Retrospect magazine.

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We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of THE ARGENTO SYNDROME (SOFTCOVER EDITION) by Derek Botelho.


A retrospective of Italian auteur Dario Argento's films; The ArgentoSyndrome is an examination of a career marked by such genre classics as Suspiria, Deep Red, Tenebrae, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage and Opera.  The Argento Syndrome is part academic study, with essays on every film, and part personal memoir, detailing the author's time in Italy on a trip to visit the set of Sleepless.

Also included are several full-length interviews with such personalities as John Carpenter, Tony Musante, Luciano Tovoli, Leigh McCloskey and Asia Argento.

Derek Botelho holds a B.A. in Cinema from Columbia College, and is a regular contributor to and has had work published with Dark Discoveries, Little Shoppe of Horrors, Moviement, and Fangoria.

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