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November 17, 2014       

Dog Dogville Comedies animated GIFThe dog days of summer are still hanging on here at our Texas office. You and I have spent another year wrestling with web sites, trying to remember passwords, and searching for files that we clearly remembered saving on our computer but can't find anywhere.  (Where do they go?)

Sometimes you can just get plain tired of living life online. What's more, who has time to find an envelope, blank paper, and a stamp nowadays? We feel your pain. That's why we now have operators standing by 24/7 to take your orders over the phone. You can bark up our tree anytime!

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The Force Awakens 
NEW YORK (AP) - The new  Star Wars  film finally has a title.
Walt Disney Pictures announced Thursday that the movie previously known only as Episode VII has been dubbedThe Force Awakens. Disney also said that principal photography has wrapped up on the J. J. Abrams-directed sequel six months after it began.

Star Wars animated GIF
The shoot was one of the most closely followed productions in recent memory, with constant rumors emanating from the tightly guarded set. Shooting shut down for several weeks in July after Harrison Ford broke his leg during filming at the Pinewood Studios outside London. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released in December 2015.

Read up on all the Star Wars-related intergalactic facts in these two fascinating books:

Author Leslie C. Halpern's Passionate About Their Work: 151 Celebrities, Artists, and Experts on Creativity  . . . 
a fascinating interview with photographs of Brian Gernand (practical model supervisor for Industrial Light & Magic – Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III) and Jerome Blake (actor – Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III). Read more . . . .

Author and actor Richard Anderson discusses in his new autobiography, A Memoir From the Golden Years of M-G-M and The Six Million Dollar Man to Now how his work in Forbidden Planet became a forerunner of Star Wars with its big budget, endearing robot, top of the line special effects, and first-rate cast. He elaborates on how the film was also an inspiration for both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.Read more . . . .

May the force be with you. 
Godzilla wasn't all fire and fury. When you see our new 2015 Catalog, you'll feel his same kind of joy. Your absolutely FREE PDF version is a click away. Simply click the book cover to download your free copy now.
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ORSON WELLES: The Other Side of the Wind
His last film will finally be completed. After years of fighting and negotiations, and even a period in which the footage went missing, a deal has been struck that will allow The Other Side of the Wind to be edited together and released thirty years after the great filmmaker and actor’s death. Read more . . . .
Read up on your Orson Welles history with these fine books. Click on any cover to read more.
   Slow Clap
Speaking of Todd Tarbox' Orson Welles and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts, Todd is planning to be in Illinois at the Barrington Holiday Wine Walk as they kick off the holiday season. From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, November 22, he'll be signing copies of his book for fans while they enjoy free wine and treats. Visit www.enjoybarrington.com for more information.

Speaking of Orson, enjoy his appearance on the Fred Allen Show on February 10, 1946, which you can hear anytime for free. If you're at work right now, simply plug in your ear buds and act like you're hard at work on some MS Word document. The boss will never know.

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minimize it so no one around you will be the wiser. What they don't know won't hurt them, and you deserve a break for all the extra things you've done this whole year while others were off eating Twinkies or whatever it is they do when they wander away from their desks while you're slaving away.
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Looking for rare classic cinema including silents and early talkies?
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Over 600 classic films available on DVD.  
They have rare silent pictures and early sound films that are offered nowhere else, a bit of everything available, including dramas, comedies, Westerns, serials, and a wide assortment of early foreign films. Plus they're adding more titles all the time! You love classic cinema, and you'll want to be informed of their introductory prices on new releases and other special offers. Sign up for their newsletter by clicking here.

Here are four silent films released on DVD just last month:

A Girl's Folly (1917) - Maurice Tourneur directs Robert Warwick and Doris Kenyon in this drama set about a film studio.

The Prince and the Pauper (1920) - Alexander Korda’s German adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic tale of two identical boys of very different origin.

Timothy's Quest (1922) - Sidney Olcott directs this touching silent drama about two orphans who flee the city in a quest for a better future.

Kit Carson Over the Great Divide (1925) - Frank S. Mattison directs Roy Stewart and a star studded cast in a Western frontier epic!

Check out these and other titles on their New Releases page:http://www.grapevinevideo.com/new_releases.html


Got a question or a comment, or looking for a certain film? Feel free to send them an e-mail: jason@grapevinevideo.com
doll-ernst-lubitsch-ossi-oswalda-silent-movie-animated-crazy-dancingI thought Julia Louise Dreyfuss danced funny on Seinfeld, but when I try modern dancing on a disco floor, my wife tells me I look like I'm stomping on a scorpion. I hope you're better than me because just the thought of acquiring these new titles will make you want to dance any way you like to do it.

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Michael Landon: The Career and Artistry of a Television Genius by David R. Greenland
At last, a long overdue appreciation of Landon’s work as an actor, writer and director across more than three decades of television. Included are his guest star appearances, his accomplishments as a director, and an examination of all episodes he wrote for Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie,and Highway to Heaven. Illustrated with publicity and production stills, and featuring a Foreword written by his wife, Cindy Landon. Read more . . . .

Superhero Confidential Volume 1
The days of finding superhero comics only on supermarket magazine racks are over. The superhero genre has exploded, with comic book heroes conquering the big screen and making massive inroads on television. Superheroes are here to stay, whether well-known brand names, such as Batman and Spider-Man, or lesser-recognized characters, such as Daredevil and Hellboy. Superhero Confidential Volume 1 by Edward Gross goes behind the scenes on the making of these filmed adventures and . . .
 read more. 

Naval Gazing: How Revealed Belly Buttons of the 1960s Signaled the End of Movie Cliches Involving Negligees, Men's Hats, and Freshwater Swim Scenes. 

Film censors once required women’s costumes to cover their navels, so who first dared to bare?  Many actresses once wore seductive negligees, so who ironed out the ruffles? Men once sported hats when outdoors, so what toppled their toppers? Movie bathtub scenes once gave audiences a risqué peek at the stars, so who pulled the plugs? Read more . . . .

A Memoir From the Golden Years of M-G-M and The Six Million Dollar Man to Now

Autobiographies of actors from popular television series of the past are always enjoyable, and you'll fast forward to this work about Richard Anderson. He was one of the most familiar faces on television in The Six Million Dollar Man andThe Bionic Woman. 
Pre-order now or read more . . . . 

The Power and the Glory . . . For Ever and Ever

Mob boss Philip Vega is back in Janette Anderson's new thriller. Vega passes the torch to his favorite son, but betrayal, treachery, and deception rear their ugly heads in a nail-biting race to an unforgettable climax. 

Read more . . . .

The Man Who Was Old Mother Riley

Dr. Robert V. Kenny explores the lives and films of Arthur Lucan and Kitty McShane, 
 who were among the highest-paid and most admired variety artistes in Britain during the 1930s and 1940s. They packed theatres throughout the land, and made a series of zany films with Arthur as the belligerent washerwoman Old Mother Riley, and Kitty as her flighty daughter. Read more . . . .

Rock & Roll Recollections

He was there. He rocked. Read his interesting and revealing compilation of fascinating interviews, conversations, and anecdotes about a diverse lineup of Rock, Pop, and Soul performers. Author and musician William R. Chemerka provides unique glimpses into the professional and personal lives of the world's most famous rmusical performers who have made important contributions to popular music. 
Read more . . . .

We Can Be Who We Are

Lee Gambin explores this explosive energy and diversity lf 1970s musicals. From the quirky sophistication of On A Clear Day You Can See Forever and the dark unnerving genius ofCabaret to the sweet sentimentality of Charlotte’s Web,Gambin’s book offers insightful film criticism while exhaustively covering the decade. 
Pre-order now or read more . . . .

Nobody's Stooge: Ted Healy

Discover the missing back-story of the dawn of The Three Stooges in this groundbreaking full-length biography of Ted Healy. He began his show business career in Vaudeville and climbed to the pinnacle of fame as a movie star, appearing in dozens of films, such as Dancing Lady (1933) with Joan Crawford and Clark Gable, Operator 13 (1934) with Gary Cooper and Marion Davies, Reckless (1935) with Jean Harlow, and the Academy Award-winning San Francisco(1936) with Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy, and Gable. Healy's sudden death at age forty-one just days after the birth of his son has long been surrounded in mystery and scandal. Was his death by natural causes or did foul play involving an alleged MGM/Wallace Beery murder cover up the truth? 
Pre-order now or read more . . . .

Mad Movies With the LA Connection

Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection was a 1985 syndicated television show produced by the comedy troupe, The L.A. Connection. Every episode was a spoof of a classic movie edited to fit the show's half-hour format and all the dialogue overdubbed with new, ridiculous, wacky, and humorous dialogue written and voiced by the L.A. Connection in a manner similar to Woody Allen's feature-length film, What's Up, Tiger Lily? Author Mike White presents the ultimate guide to the show that caused an entire generation to tune in to the turned-on team.Coming soon! 

This is exactly how I looked recently when I was showing off after a few Bud Lites at Billy Bob's in Dallas and dared to try their mechanical bull ride. After two months, my slipped vertebras #1-2 are beginning to hurt less. Boy, could I tell you some stories!

Charlotte Greenwood could also tell you some stories about Eddie Cantor, and so can Eddie's great-grandson, Brian Gari.

In fact, Gari had so many stories, he generously wrote them in 
Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind. You'll get the low-down on Eddie Cantor, Danny Thomas, George Jessell, John Lennon and The Beatles, Little Richard, Brian Wilson, Phil Spector, Neil Sedaka, and  many more.

About Brian Gari: he wrote all the songs for the Broadway musical Late Nite Comic. He has recorded twelve albums, and he has also produced all of the CDs and DVDs on 
his grandfather, Eddie Cantor.

Read more, or get the book right now. CLICK HERE

By Daniel S Levine
A treasure trove of lost American films were recently discovered at the EYE Filmmusem in Amsterdam. The collection includes a 1927 short that features Mickey Rooney’s first starring role, an Oliver Hardy comedy from 1920, and a Koko The Clown animated short from Fleischer Studios.The National Film Preservation Foundation and EYE will be working together to make the films more available to the public.
Twenty-six of the films will be restored, including Mickey’s Circus, which stars a six-year-old Rooney. Hardy stars in The Backyard from 1920. Koko jumps “Out of the Inkwell” in Koko’s Queen (1928) from Fleischer. There’s a ZaSu Pitts drama called For The Defense from 1922. Read more . . . .

Speaking of Mickey, here's one of the most imaginative ideas that ever clicked through the reels in the minds of producers. Read the intriguing story this week and be prepared to regale your friends and family with your superior knowledge of Hollywood trivia. (This will be especially useful when you're stuck with carrying on vapid conversations with all those shirttail relatives you see only once every nine years during the holidays!) Read more . . . .


Little Girl in Big Pictures: The Autobiography of 1930s Child Star Marilyn Knowlden by Marilyn Knowlden

She appeared in some of the most famous films from Hollywood's Golden Years, including Imitation of Life, David Copperfield, Les Misérables, Anthony Adverse, Showboat, Marie Antoinette, Angels With Dirty Faces, and All This and Heaven Too. 
 Read more . . . .   

Otay! The Billy "Buckwheat" Thomas Story by Bill Thomas

In an era when most Black American actors were struggling to gain a foothold in Hollywood, Billy achieved a lasting legacy. Enjoy the timeless tale of a baby superstar, who once shown brightly on movie screens during Hollywood's "Golden Years" and still fascinates audiences today. Read more . . . .

Star of India The Life and Films of Sabu by Philip Leibfried

Among the top child stars of the 1930s and 1940s was a former stable boy from southern India. Sabu. He vaulted to stardom in his first film, Elephant Boy (1937). He also appeared in The Thief of Bagdad (1940) and the definitive version of Rudyard Kipling's perennially popular Jungle Book (1942). 
 Read more . . . .

Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy? By Diana Serra Cary

Long before Shirley Temple, Diana Cary was Baby Peggy, the child star who lit up marquees around the world. Discovered in 1920 at 19 months of age, she starred in dozens of Baby Peggy comedies and five feature films. She had earned more than $2 million by the time she was five. This story of the shared infancy of a child and an industry reveals the incredible life, responsibilities, and burdens of a world famous child super-star. 
Read More . . . . 

We have many other child star biographies and autobiographies, too many to mention today without this newsletter being longer than one of Baby Peggy's film prints. Simply visit OUR WEB SITE and search "child stars." You'll be surprised what comes up!

Our Classic Edition of the Week

Philip Rapp's and Ben Ohmart's

The Bickersons Scripts Vol. 2

This is the second collection of scripts of the hugely popular The Bickersons, an Old Time Radio and TV series starring Don Ameche and Frances Langford. Includes never-before-published versions of their classic routines, original radio commercials, both radio pilots, the Christmas episode for the never-aired animation show, and much more.
Click here to order now

Our Best  Seller of the Week

Sylvia Resnick's


The Walton's Family Cookbook

All the favorite dishes of the cast members. Ralph Waite's (John Walton) pot roast; Ellen Corby's (Grandma Walton) fresh baked Whole Wheat Bread; Judy Norton's (Mary Ellen) Health Salad and Michael Learned's (Olivia Walton) French Onion Soup and Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing. Just in time for the holidays. 
Click here to order now

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Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore (2014)

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Endlessly Revealed. Eternally Hidden.
Friday, November 14, 2014 by Liz Smith

Marilyn — Now and Forever. And Ever and Ever!! 

“CANNOT believe that Marilyn M. is dead. She was such a good-hearted girl, so pure, really, so much on the side of the angels. Poor little baby. God bless her.”

Truman Capote to literary critic Newton Arvin, in the summer of 1962.

THE ABOVE quote comes from the second volume of Gary Vitacco-Robles’ “Icon: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe.” 

This massive book covers the years 1956 to ’62 and beyond — into Monroe’s mythology, deification and after-death debasement. 

As with the first volume, this works reminds me of . . . click here to read more of Liz Smith's article. 

Click here for your copy of Icon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ron Masak, John Voight, Gary Sinise, Ann-Margaret, Tommy Lasorda, and other stars want to meet you.

Meet actor Ron Masak and many of his heroes this Friday, November 14, 2014, from 8:30 a.m. (PST) to 11:00 a.m. If you're in Beverly Hills, California, don't miss this event. Ron will join Jon Voight, Gary Sinise, Ann-Margret, Tommy Lasorda, and Carlos Palomino, who will be among a stellar roster of Hollywood and sports celebrities honoring the service of all veterans past, present, and future, as well as others who have made significant contributions to helping our beloved heroes and nation’s defenders.

2014 Salute to Veterans Day Breakfast

Disabled Veteran Business Alliance

Friday, November 14, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM (PST)

Beverly Hills, CA

As an attendee, you will:
  • bear witness to swearing-in a group of our nation's young men and women to all 5 branches of the U.S. military
  • meet celebrities who are ardent supporters of veterans, active duty military, and families
  • network with key corporate sponsors who support and actively seek to engage in business with veteran-owned businesses
  • moving presentations and videos honoring the service of and service to the veterans of our great nation
  • enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet
  • special guest speakers
  • presentation of the Charles Durning Patriotism Award
  • presentation of the first annual Disabled Veteran Business Alliance DVBE of the Year Award
If you wish to sponsor a table, contact Mike Sabellico at (916)446-3510 or m.sabellico@dvba.org.

For more information visit: